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    Default How do you Heal (non-ISBoxer/Innerspace)

    For those of us not using ISBoxer/Innerspace - How are you healing? I'm specifically still useing Keyclone, but I'd imagine its the same in-game controls for AHK or many other key broadcasting systems.

    At the moment, I have a combination of mouseover macros on my healer and a few keybinds that are passed over to my healer whenever my tank does something - i.e. I think I have '2' set to sunder armor on my tank, and /target <tank>, /cast heal(Rank 2) on my priest and /assist <tank> /cast fireball on all my mages.

    All my keybinds are only set to heal my tank, so if I need to heal someone else - I need to mouse over to my healer window and click something. But neither seems optimal - I either need 4x as many keybinds to heal others or some better way to heal.

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    If you prefere to only use your main healer to babysit your main/tank, there are many types of usb footpedals you can buy, which has 4 buttons. This way you can assign a keypress with a spesific macro, to spotheal toon 2 to 5. *If you are playing a 5man.

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    A few ways this can be done.

    1. Get your heal rotation down to a single key with some ctrl/alt/shift modifiers. Then have a key for each slot. Like so:

    [nomod] - single target rotation
    [mod:shift] - aoe rotation
    [mod:alt, mod:shift] dispel
    [mod:alt] burst rotation

    2. Set your mouse wheel and a modifier to have your healer flip through slot 1 thru 5 characters. So whenever you are healing it's whatever slot you have active. Have healer /p which is active / targetted.

    3. Chain your heals to cleave heal, basically rotating a single and an AoE together all the time. Of course this one is very mana consuming but actually works well in stressful situations. Then just spam heal tank while the others pick up the cleave healing.

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    when I was a Keyclone user, I used my number pad keys for healing. and used a target player in the marcos

    /cast [@playernamehere] healingspellrotation

    7 dps 1
    8 dps 2
    9 dps 3
    4 tank
    5 Oh shit
    6 healer self
    123 for ekstra movement

    now I have the logitech g510 with 3 x 18 hotkeys
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    You know, I have a Logitech G11 (older model of G510) and an old Razer Naga still in the drawer from all those years ago. I'd forgotten all about those, but that's what I used to use before I "upgraded" to a mechanical. I'll start there :thumbsup

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    This is how I used to handle healing a long time ago before ISboxer was even a thing. This was with HotKeyNet where you could use other keys as a modifier, I'm not sure if Keyclone has the same functionality. Of course nowadays I just use mouseover healing.
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