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    Default Returning to multiboxing - advice

    Hi everyone! I am coming back to WoW boxing and the last time I boxed was with Legion. I logged into my old account and have a lot of sub accounts I can use. But I only see an option to add a subscription and it doesn't tell me if I have to also buy the newer expansions. Anyone know?

    Also, what server is everyone boxing on these days?

    Edit: I figured it out. I was able to upgrade 5 of my accounts. Not cheap! I want to play Horde for the allied troll race so my old server wouldn't really work for me. Anyways, I'm good. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by blast3r View Post

    Also, what server is everyone boxing on these days?
    Everyone is everywhere but I've noticed Dalaran is box heavy and has a healthy community.

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