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    And just so we're clear, the reason I am pushing this so hard is because I don't want misinformation being spread.

    This thread was already pointed out to me as "fact" today.

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    The discussion is pointless, I'm pretty sure I didn't violate a single rule and likely will be unbanned by appeal, but waiting 9 days or so makes me sad, I was so hyped on that push on melee-party, planned like my every single step before start, wanted to break my previous record about leveling and gearing speed and now just lost my hype on that ban.
    I still think it was by the reports, becuase I can't see why only 3 windows got banned and 2 still alive, idk which rules could it violate, I didn't even trade gold from my main (my mains still alive btw, if you think I was banned for RMT or any shady shit).
    Not sure why did even i start this discussion, you can't help me anyway, just because I was sad about this happened I guess.
    I hope you won't face this, done discussing it for now, good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marsh123 View Post
    The discussion is pointless

    What should be banned on this site is shit posts about being banned. This shit is between the player and blizzard. No one gives a fuck about why,when or how you were banned. There is a reason why 99% of boxers have never been banned, stupid shit fucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    And they did only ban the one account, not all.
    I don't think the folks who report boxers do it to every char in the team, just the one leading.

    azboxer was also banned only in the one he drives from (in the same day and at the same time as me interestingly).

    Quote Originally Posted by marsh123 View Post
    so did they answer first time after only 9 days?
    Total time for being able to use the account again was 11 days.

    Quote Originally Posted by marsh123 View Post
    and did they refund days of game time after that appeal?

    Quote Originally Posted by marsh123 View Post
    You ll change ur mind after it happens to you.
    That happened to a fellow boxer here (said it in another thread), now he sees it from a different perspective. XD

    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Tire View Post
    No one gives a fuck about why,when or how you were banned.
    Wrong, other boxers who have been banned give a fuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Tire View Post
    There is a reason why 99% of boxers have never been banned, stupid shit fucks.
    Yeah, a reason called Luck.

    This type of shit is always the same, you think the other dude did something wrong until it happens to you, like azboxer said on other thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by azboxer View Post
    Usually I'll lurk and see these banned posts and roll my eyes thinking they've obviously done something wrong. But now it's happened to me..
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    As others have noted, these threads don't tend to serve much purpose because there is no one on this forum who can help in a situation like this, and everything should be handled between the account holder and Blizzard. There are no tips or tricks that we can provide for not getting banned, as this is a forum centered around multiboxing online games where the playstyle itself is already, in some form, allowed, and so when people say they were banned for only multiboxing, it just simply isn't true.

    Could you have been doing something wrong and lying about it? Yes.
    Could you have been playing normally and been caught up in a false flag? Yes.

    Regardless, no one here is going to be able to tell anyone else why something happened to their account, because the only two entities with the entire story are the account holder and Blizzard, and allowing these threads to stay open results in nothing other than speculation and accusations—most of which tend to be quite unhelpful.

    I am locking this thread, and we will be locking/removing all future threads about being banned that tend to show up from time to time. Finally, when we make the move to the new forum, there will be a specific rule against creating threads such as these, so that everyone is on the same page.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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