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    I did the token thing back in Legion, I missed out on the easy gold from WoD, but in BFA I just pay the subscription - it makes it less frustrating so I'm not logging in and doing something I don't want to do at that point. My gold does accrue over time naturally now and I'll pick up a token every so often but it's not the driving force.

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    ic.. started mboxing again in dec19.. at one point i was quite adamant about the tokens.. then about that dino mount when i knew its gonna go away.. but after awhile.. i guess i can do away with that dino.. i guess i can do away with tokens.. probably juz get enuf to buy shadowlands.. and then juz watch my gold accumulate lol..

    i tink enjoying the game is worth more then the mindless routine.. else wow becomes like work all over again -_-
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    Agreed, the dino mount while nice is not as huge of a benefit if you have engineering. There is an auction house vendor in the main city that shows up in Boralus if you have 1 skill in it.

    That's a good idea, I should save the tokens up to use them on Shadowlands.

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    This is really the best reason to get the dino mount, IMO. The keybind is called, "Flexington Steel".

    Much like most everyone, I have a mostly farm team and then a team that I actually do content on.

    Farm team is 5x druids, that I flex in to my other teams as I need to funnel leather. Currently, I'm doing BrM MW Boomx3 and it's .. fun, I guess. I need to get a better feel for MW healing though. Main team is the same as Ellay [although I actually hadn't seen your team when I made it, if it matters - I just wanted to level allied races lol]: Pal / Shaman / BMx3 and it's .. amazing. Planning on slotting in the MW for the Shaman but we'll see. I finally figured out how to turn off my healer's DPS without turning off their entire keymap so that's a step in the right direction, I suppose.
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    ah ha! Turkish I know that name Saw you last night!
    That is a pretty big flex though I gotta say haha, and the MW monk is potentially better. I may need to try them out again.

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