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    Default Boxxing bug bite me again so I am returning.

    After seeing this 30+ DK destroying Mezz on a regular basis I have been re inspired to jump back into Multiboxing. I have taken a hiatus of over a year now mainly because I did not have the time to play. Also having to do PVE mythics/raids for gear ������ or the conquest RNG for PVP gear is so random it takes me about 2 weeks to decently gear a single toon. The new expac brings back pvp vendors so I can buy the gear I need to gear my toons so that alone makes it more enjoyable to begin again. Playing 1 wow client is just not the same so I am gonna dust of my machine and get back to doing what I enjoy most on this game.

    Before I quit a year ago I was boxing 14 toons which is a small team but my hardware was lacking. I was running a Ryzen 1800x with 32GB @3200mhz, GTX 1080, M2 Samsung 500GB for the game. It was playable but at low settings big WPVP fights were way too laggy. Going to SW or even worse Dalaran was like 5 FPS. I noticed my Ram was maxed out during this occasions but CPU usage would sit around 70-80%. Never really payed attention to GPU usage though I wish I would have. I am adding all this info so that those that need some type of comparison with the # of toons I ran and the hardware I used have some type of idea of the limitations.

    Anyways to avoid this nonsense I bought 64GB of ram and thankfully to AMD’s innovation in CPUs I purchased their nice 3950X to ensure the 2 major components in this game are covered. I also got the new 570X Mobo so I can get the most of this new parts. The only concern I have and I am not sure if I should upgrade is my GTX 1080. Like I mention I never monitored the performance of this GPU during those laggy times. This is a question for those that Box the bigger numbers 20+ I guess. Should I keep rolling with it if not what would be worth the money to upgrade too? 2080TI or that AMD GPU with like 16GB or should I just leave it alone. I really don’t care about high settings just do not want the lag that I had before. Any opinion or criticism is welcome, thanks all
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    Nothing personal, but i feel anything over 5boxing in world pvp is just encouraging the hate against multiboxing in general. Not many people enjoy getting zerged down by raid groups, and lots of people will look to fallaciously blame multiboxing for their inconveniences. Doing it to a huge streamer like Mes is just begging for attention and turning a large audience against multiboxing in general rather than at the player doing it.

    I apologize if my opinion offends or discourages any boxers from doing it. I understand that my opinion is from my own point of view and experience, and i might not understand massive multiboxing enough(never boxed more than 5) to feel this way.

    Edit: maybe i should word that better. I do wish everyone limited themselves to 5 or less for pvp, but i dont blame anyone who doesnt because it's not against the rules and my feelings for discouraging it is based on the community falsely blaming multiboxing for losing in pvp.
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    No offense brother but I did not mean Mes the streamer I meant Mezzamere the Ally home in Nazjatar lol. There has been a 35 man DK Boxer I believe camping the town lately. You zone in to Mezzamere and is instant death.

    To be honest my favorite times are defending or at least trying to defend agains Horde raids in SW and IF. Love wiping them out they get so mad lol. Of course I don’t Box that many toons so sometimes I kinda sacrifice myself just to slowed them down. Good times ������
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