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    Hey guys i'm thinking about duel boxing warrior/priest and I was wondering whether or not this is a good pair. Any tips are highly appreciated.

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    it's good, it'll work if you really want a priest. Priest bubbles and absorbs block rage generation though, so dont shield the warrior when you'd rather have the rage. Priest doesnt give the warrior any dps buffs, while pally and shaman do. Druid pairs better with a rogue.

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    If you want faster leveling, I didn't find warrior/priest very efficient, to be honest. The reason is because the priest doesn't help you really kill mobs faster, it just limits your down time. I would say warrior/pally or shaman/warrior are better since mobs will die quicker and you get heals.

    I would also say dual boxing is kind of meh overall. I would just go all the way to 5. You can always cancel the accounts you don't want after you mains are at level.

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    Dual boxing is fine for what it is. It essentially turns you into a single player with more dps and likely some built in heals, but with a loss of fine control. And that's great in terms of solo leveling and killing tough packs as you can easily duo some elite quests easier than you could solo.

    In terms of regular leveling, you're killing a bit faster and stopping to eat/drink less, but you're getting 1/2 the exp per kill and much of the time in WoW isn't spent fighting mobs, its spent traveling between mobs or locations with mobs. Kill quests become much faster, but collection quests become much slower. Dual boxing is certainly faster than leveling 2 chars one right after the other, but it actually ends up being a bit slower than it is to level a single char.

    The issue a bunch of folks run into is that overall that dual-boxing doesn't really get you into doing a lot of stuff that you couldn't do solo. E.g. it's easier to kill some elites when dual-boxing, but you could probably just wait a level or two and solo them anyway. Or you could solo them anyway, but you'd have to be careful and utilize all your talents, not just burn them down. If you want to level by focusing on elites, that's great, but there aren't that many elite quests out there. End game wise, you're also a bit limited as its tough to dual (or triple) box dungeons - you need to find a group that's OK with you dual-boxing.

    But I do think that dual-boxing is more fun that single player. I think the melee + shaman is great as they synergize well. Priests seem to work better with other casters. But anything will work to dual box.

    Fair warning: Many of us started out 2-boxing then got hooked and wanted more.
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    I forgot about the split exp. That is actually why I went 5 man. I was actually falling behind single players with all the split exp with dual boxing.

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