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    Default Does this work on OldSchool Runescape?

    Hi All,

    So I just heard about this! It seems like great software and a big time saver.

    Is this currently compatible with Old School Runescape?

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    What is "it?"

    Also, isn't multiboxing in OSRS against the rules of the game?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    What is "it?"

    Also, isn't multiboxing in OSRS against the rules of the game?
    IIRC using multiple accounts is allowed now, though wasn't in previous iterations of the game. I can't imagine it would be useful beyond money making activities. Though there is a line between using multiple accounts and allowing key/mouse broadcasting (see EVE Online), and I'm not sure if they draw that line. At the very least, ISBoxer would be useful for window management.
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    Playing Runescape on multiple accounts and even at the same time is totally fine, however playing multiple accounts at the same time using software to control them all at ones is against the rules And will get you banned. Of course there are some people who do it but just be prepared to get banned.
    Here is a fun video of a interview with someone who plays on 42 account at the same time:
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