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    I do sometimes Atal'Dazar for Shimmerscale and Blood-Stained Bone and Freehold trash around 1 boss for tidespray linen, Deep Sea Satin, green and gold
    Eonar - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdsp View Post
    Had a look here this morning and the spawn rate was very slow - do I need to do anything particular or has it been patched?

    Any other ideas?

    I was using over 4 times the amount of characters you are using, and by placing them spread out in a area / corner of a zone, i was able to create instant respawns usually anywhere, from vanilla to bfa. The mobs are "linked": just have to figure out which are "connected". Usually there are a few mobs that are required to set of the faster respawns, which are placed a bit away/hidden from the area you might be testing/farming. These spots you wont be able to find using less characters. Sometimes it can take a few minutes of killing mobs, they slowly respawn, then suddenly they start to instant respawn.

    They do often adjust lootdrops and or nerf spots. Whenever i stopped getting multiple amounts of mounts every 15 min (instead maybe 1 per 30 min, if lucky), it was time to move over to investigate the next possible area "points 500 meters in that direction".

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    The ISBoxer discord chat has taken up some specific stances on two pretty hot topics for multiboxers and I'd like to share those here as I plan to apply these rules here to

    1. ISBoxer is not a shield for cheating in games or breaking game rules. If you are doing things that would get you banned from the game anyway, including harassing others, RMT in games that prohibit RMT, "zone disruption", "afk farming" (also known as botting), etc -- using ISBoxer is not going to help you avoid getting banned, and telling us or the game company that you "only used ISBoxer" will not reverse or prevent your ban. Please leave if that is why you are here.
    Here ISBoxer is explicitly stated by for I would say "Any software or hardware tool ..."

    2. We do not promote "afk farming" or "I'm not afk farming I'm just standing still and hitting one button and not looking at it". This is not what our community is about and we're not here to help you do that. Such behavior is toxic to the game, to the multiboxing community, and could result in getting banned from both.
    I don't care you're a botter, AFK farmer, or neither. We don't talk about that stuff here because we want to protect the multiboxing hobby from users who are behaving in a way that could bring action from game publishers to restrict what we can do. It's already killed competitive and casual PvP in WoW.

    When a user asks "What are the best spots for farming" the answers of "Here's the best AFK places to farm and how I abused mechanics to get lots of mobs" don't belong here. Consider this a warning that we'll start nuking these posts.

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