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    Default Leveling with 100% com bonus

    Hi dudes... I Will create New dh teams and wanna know How is the best way to leveling 4 Dks to lvl 70 (quests, grind, dgs) and the best way to leveling 4 DHs to lvl 120. I dont have a twink to rush freehold. With 4 DHs its possible leveling just making dgs or quests are more faster?

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    DH with full herilom and they could be lv. 103 after starting zone and then unlock weapon and do Legion Assaults when they are up. In BFA pick a zone and do Assaults and zone unlock.
    Eonar - EU

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    I Will try... Any sugestion to leveling the Dks?

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    The DK could good way into the 60`th after starting zone - TBC dungeons ones - then WotLK and so on up legion - they all have quest inside and could give a level.

    You can see my DH leveling here (Transmog Team)
    Eonar - EU

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