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    hm... wonder if there are any decent keyboard with a "scroll wheel on the left side of the keyboard: maybe its possible to bind f.ex the "1" key to both scroll up and scroll down (while also having the ability to use the mouse scroll wheel at the same time as normal). Maybe that would be more gentle for the fingers/wrist.

    Or maybe some standalone external button which is a scrollwheel or a wheel of some sort, you can bind to the "1" key.
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    "I know it's against the rules, but I'm going to do it, and here's exactly how I'm doing it."

    WTF? When has it ever been allowed on this site to state anything even remotely close to what is paraphrased above? Why would anyone, who has browsed this forum for more than a few minutes (which you certainly have), ever think that it's okay to post such garbage here on this forum?

    it's not surprising that people who don't like multiboxers label us as cheaters, and it only takes one example like this to reinforce that stupid opinion of theirs. I'm somewhat embarrassed that I didn't refresh the site earlier today so that I could remove it sooner, and it's a little appalling that someone who recently told me that they wanted to make guides/videos for the community, is not only willing to engage in such behavior, but also publicly share it. It's great that you stopped doing it after it felt like cheating, but if you actually want to help the community that you want to be a part of, then be a better f'ing example for those you're looking to help.

    This thread is done.

    EDIT: To be clear, for those reading who are unsure of what happened, the offending post in question has been removed, which is why it looks like I'm a crazy person ranting about something that can't be seen in this thread, but some hints remain as to what it was.
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