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    Default Looking for an old wiki article - the 3 levels of multiboxing

    It seems like all the old links to the wiki articles are long gone. Anyone know if they're archived anywhere?

    I was specifically looking for one of the old how to guides that talked about how there are sort of 3-stages to multiboxing
    1: Hard coded macros (/follow <main>)
    2: Focus based
    3: Focusless, Leaderless, Targetless (FTL)

    I thought there was a focus based setup guide (should still be mostly applicable for keyclone and HKN users, but I know ISB built in the FTL setup)

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    When it was removed many years ago, I'm almost positive that the Wiki was completely nuked with zero back-up, since most of it was filled with out-dated information with no one looking to clean it up. Svpernova09 would be the one to know for sure, though.
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