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Thread: 2 box farming

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    Default 2 box farming

    What up homies been a while,

    Looking at setting up a team for dungeon farming mostly. Wondering what would be a good comp. Was curious on the double mage or would something like solo jump runs be more viable/selling DM N tribute.

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    Really depends what you want to do. Mages can already do some impressive solo ZF/Mara/BRD runs. Hunters solo tribute & Princess runs. Mages/LocksH Priests already rule DM:E solo. Adding a 2nd doesn't really make any of that easier/better, as a lot of those runs rely on some tricky jumps that may not be easily dual-boxable.

    I do think 2 Mages will be great when ZG comes out - good for croc farming. But beyond places where 1 mage is almost not enough and a 2nd mage for more raw dps will help - I don't really think 2 mages will help you sell runs better than a single player. Having some sort of healer (even hybrid) or lock for summons may help you sell more runs.

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    i think the double mage would be nice. Having lockouts. maybe a double paladin
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    jak3676 allready mentioned some opportunities

    in my oppinion dualboxing adds not enough value for farming solo dungeons.

    I suggest to farm solo dungeons, dme jump runs or dmn tribute. (hunter, mage, warlock) and use the other account for following:
    x) pvp battleground leeching
    x) fishing with vfx
    x) herbalism / mining (there are some spots without any enemy in range) you can park one or more charakters (lev 35) on these spots. this will add a little passive income, but nothing gamebreaking if you compare it with the time to level one charakter to lev35 and level herbalism and/or mining. (it really depends how many hours you play per day or how often you can log in to check these spots)
    x) park charakter in wpl tower with scarlet spellbinder which drop Formula enchant crusader (depends on ah price)

    for multibxoing instances to make gold 5 charakters are preferred.

    if you want dualboxing there are some outdoor farmspots (if you are bored from instance farming). therefore a 2nd charakter will be a great improvement
    all depends on the price of following items and how many Players these spots farm:
    The Eye of Shadow (Winterspring Elite Demons)
    Mature Blue Dragon Sinew (Winterspring Cobalt x)
    farming raw gold (WPL Hearthglen or EPL Tyr's Hand)
    Mainteam - Level 60
    Warrior / Mage / Mage / Warlock / Shaman

    2nd Team - Level 25
    Druid / Rogue / Rogue / Rogue / Druid

    3rd Team - Level 16
    Shaman / Hunter / Hunter / Hunter / Hunter

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    I really like Tazeon's bottom suggestions there.

    For Dual-Box farming, you'll need to find stuff that's just a bit too hard (or not effieient) for a single player - something where just a bit more dps, or a bit more healing/tanking would make it much easier. I don't think there's much of a meta around dual-boxing (even on these forums oddly enough), so my guess is that a lot of those options haven't really been explored. Most folks I know who are dual-boxing are doing it just to level their healer/tank alts, not really to farm with.

    There's 1000+ streamers constantly trying to show off the best solo farming spots. But I don't know of any of those solo farms that that would be better dual-boxed. But if you see any that don't rely on wall jumps or tricky positioning, then it should be a good dual-boxing farm.

    I don't know if there's anything worth farming off the elites in Silithus or the Blasted Lands (or if there will be in Phase 4,5,6)? But any place with open world elites would be my 1st suggestion to try.
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