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    Just to update, I've been playing again for a few weeks. The autofollow glitch is currently in a good place. IE, it doesn't cause massive frame drops for anyone nearby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternaldrk View Post
    Still dual-boxing SWTOR and having a good time. Haven't settled on a team to take to the endgame yet, but that's nothing new for me. What I've tried so far:

    2 x Sith Sorcerers (Lightning)/Jedi Consular Sages (Telekinetics) aka ranged burst DPS casters with light armor, very squishy but with good self-heals and what amounts to a Paladin bubble. Also has huge AOE capabilities (damage and circumference), really useful for mowing down trash. Also, also, the Lightning Sorcerers are possibly the coolest class when it comes to visuals thanks to force lightning flying everywhere all of the time. The telekinetics have mirrored abilities, they're just visually pretty lame in comparison.

    ... [lots of other good info] ...

    Overall I still think the ranged casters are by far the easiest pair to run. There are only two sets of ranged DPS classes, the Jedi Sage/Sith Sorcerer and the Smuggler Gunslinger/Imperial Sniper. The problem with the non-force using ranged DPS is the cover mechanic. To use most of their best abilities, the non-force ranged DPS must crouch into cover. This makes you a mostly immobile turret. To make up for this somewhat, these are possibly the most survivable ranged DPS in the game. It's just that for me, micro-managing the cover mechanic is a PITA. So I don't know that I'll play this class unless I'm not boxing. It's definitely fun with just one character to worry about.

    The ranged casters (particularly the burst spec) have a very straightforward rotation with just a little RNG involved. They can also cast some of their attacks while moving, so they're definitely more mobile than their turret cousins. Also, they have the best in-combat CC with Force Lift (it's in-combat only because casting this will start combat.) This gives you one creature (droid or living) that you can CC for up to a minute. With a talent you can get a whole cluster. So while they are more squishy and can't really face tank a lot of damage, they can mitigate through their CC, their temp bubble, decent self-heals, and their pally bubble. Definitely an easy pair to take to end game content, though I don't yet know how they stand up to heroics.

    Melee of any flavor is a little rough just because activating auto-follow causes the following character(s) to drop the target they're attacking. Which means every time you have to move your characters you have to hit auto-follow, move them to safety/in range of the target, hit target-of-target, then get back to attacking. In movement heavy boss fights this is a pain. When faced with spread out trash packs this is also a pain. The Sith Juggernaut/Jedi Knight make up for this a little with their leap ability. This makes starting the fight in range pretty easy. You may have to run to a distant target (at the super slow in-combat run speed) depending on the trash pack composition. For the Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadow, stealth will let you setup right in the middle of the pack so it's not too bad.

    Below are two runs through the beginner dungeons on both the Imperial and Republic sides that show two different ranged classes. You'll notice the much more limited AOE capability of the Mercenaries vs. the Jedi Sages.

    Dual Mercenaries (Arsenal) going through the Black Talon:

    Dual Jedi Sages (Telekinetics) going through the Esseles:
    Thanks for sharing. 2 Ranged DPS with 1 companion Tank & 1 Companion Healer makes sense & the cover mechanic does seem like a PiTA... Since I don't really do Sith the Sages would be my best option & it was kinda funny seeing the same companion being both Tank & Healer. Is Qyzen Fess the best companion for both Tank & Healer roles or are there other at least as good or better options for Sages?
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