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    Default Friend starting in classic, question on group

    Hey..My neighbor multiboxed years ago and, like me, has a few months of downtime. I convinced him last week to try retail again and he just couldn't get into it so decided to go to classic starting tomorrow (he played on day 1 of WoW through 5 years).... and I refuse to go to Classic until I have a firm grip on Retail. So I told him to send me the question and I would post it as he will be creating a login here in the next few days (copy and pasted):

    I want to run 4 of one class and then a healer. Is there a setup that will allow me to do most dungeons and bosses? I don't want to farm gold or items (unless needed for better gaming) or PVP, just PVE when I have time and have fun. I want to conquer as many dungeons as possible with as few different classes as possible (which is why I said 4+1, but if 5 of one class is better that is fine). I don't really care about classes, truly I dont. Race I couldn't care less either. I just want the most effective combo. I read that 4 Troll Hun and 1 Sham is good, but the Sham doesn't buff the pets or hunters in anyway, just chain heal and totems. As opposed to 1 Priest and 4 Hunters as the priest buffs pets, as does the Auras of Paladins... Obviously can add Warlocks instead of Hunters to this as well, but just didn't know if that makes much of a difference really as I havent played for so long. I also saw 5 El SHam's very powerful. and Mages too! I watched like 20 videos last night of all different groups but no one seemed to be taking down Bosses, just farming gold.

    Since it is such a time sink to level again, I really want to start with the most effective group for running dungeons and killing bosses! and if that by a large margin is the classic trinity I could probably do that, just would like as few classes as possible. Doesn't even have to be Ranged DPS,m can be 4 Warriors and healer or 5 Warriors.
    There ya go, please answer when convenient!
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    Most effective combo is 4 Mage + 1 Priest. See Peregrine's guide for a very good start to it.!

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    Alternatively Tank+3Mages+Priest can be really strong and provide aggro control to turn encounters into "tank and spank" scenarios. You can Tank with either a Warrior, Paladin, or Druid with each having their pros/cons though Warrior is likely the best overall.

    There are experienced and helpful boxing streamers like (also goes by Soc on the ISboxer Discord) who have run many team compositions, including 4Mages+Priest, who feel that Warrior+3Mages+Priest is a better composition to be able to tackle all scenarios.

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