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    Default Paladin tank macro

    Coming back after many years away and trying to get back up to speed.

    Having some problems with my team and a decent paladin tank macro that won't cause me to go OOM within a few seconds. I'm happy with less output (more rank 1), but my macro seems to keep spamming seal, etc.

    Can anyone share their macros that they're using on paladin tanks for their instance farming with their teams?


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    A macro won't prevent you from going oom. Gear will.

    Seal (righteousness or wisdom), judge, consecrate. That's really all you need for 90% of the time and you don't need a macro for those.
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    Although if you want to use SoC then a couple of macros can be useful. Since Judgement has 10 second CD, putting it in a castsequence will prevent SoR spam. Set up ISBoxer to "press" both of them by making multiple actions in your mapped key. As the first sequence reaches the 'null' it will stop working (until you change target) and continue to the second.

    mapped key action 1 - named WoW macro: /castsequence reset=target/10 Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, null
    mapped key action 2 - named WoW macro: /castsequence reset=combat Seal of Righteousness, Holy Shield, Consecration, Judgement

    You could also separate Consecration into a third mapped key action as it has a shorter cooldown. Or you might want Holy Shield separate and do it 1st action so as to always prefer blocking to judging.

    I have something like this on my paladin, but he is a healer so I judge light instead of crusader.

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    If you do Holy Shield I recommend rank 1 as that gives most of the benefit for less mana.

    Personally I recommend playing from the tank and not really using macros on the tank.

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