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    Question Leveling Monk + 4 hunters with event buff. Hunter is getting less EXP, no idea why.

    Hey there. I'm pretty new to multi-boxing and just started a month ago. First team was 5 balance druids boosted to 110 then leveled together to 120 without issue using ISBoxer to manage them.

    I just rolled a new team to level with the +100% EXP bonus; WW monk and 4 BM hunters. All of them have the the same heirloom slots filled and warmode turned on, but for some reason the hunter in slot 4 (of 5) keeps falling behind. I'd estimate he's pulling ~15% less exp than the others.

    I thought it might have been missing quest turn-ins when I changed zones the first time I saw him fall behind, but the other's started pulling ahead again with all the same turn-ins in the new zone. Never had this problem with my first team, who all leveled at the same pace.

    I feel like this has to be something stupid I'm overlooking, but I'm stumped. Thoughts?

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    I had the same issue on a team a while back before this event. I had found I accidentally equipped a regular item over one of my heirloom slots because it was an upgrade at the time. It ended up almost being a whole lvl difference. Luckily with this bonus it won’t matter too much in the long run.

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    Heirlooms are all equipped, but I figured it out. For some reason one of the accounts isn't getting the Recruit a Friend bonus EXP. Submitted a ticket. Tx!

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    Raf and looms do not stack.

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