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    Default I assume it's a simple macro, help plz

    Learning as I go and still brand new to WoW..... Have Mk/Dr/H/H/H - When I pull multiple MOB's it's tough to get aggro on all of them and my healer takes a beating. Im lvl 30 by the way... So how do I pull and keep all my DPS on the main tougher target while my tank aggros the other adds one at a time to get them on him and then go back to the tougher MOB? I have key "1" as my main tank attack and all my hunters main attack. Is there some macro I can do that tells the hunters so stay on a certain target no matter what other MOB I target? Currently I just TAB to next target to taunt but then all my Hunters target that MOB also...I want them ti stay on main/tougher target.

    If anyone has a guide, or better a video, for the basics of this stuff I would love it!

    Thanks in advance.
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    As you get higher level it's much easier to hold AoE aggro as a tank, as a monk you get a couple of abilities.
    Keg Smash should be used on cooldown, it does splash AoE damage, and at lvl 40 you get Breath of Fire.
    It's not until level 60 where you get a talent to summon a statue that aoe pulse taunts, and then the real easy mode abiltity is Rushing Jade Wind at lvl 90. It's literally just aoe damage circling around you constantly. It doesn't hit for a lot but it keeps aggro without even thinking about it.
    At level 40 your hunters also get an ability called Misdirect, you'll want to throw this on your tank and it makes their aggro go to the tank for 10 seconds. Making it even easier.

    I'd say for now it's gonna be slightly tough but it does get easier to the point where it doesn't really become an issue down the road.
    This applies for all tanks, they'll get some form of aoe taunt/damage.

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    I wrote this somewhere else recently, but in ISBoxer you can make a new auto-assist macro and change your team's standard auto-assist me keymap to use this one instead.

    /stopmacro [harm,nodead]
    /assist {FTL}

    It means the assist won't change target until the first mob is dead. I use this myself for combo point classes in Classic because otherwise they would lose cps when switching target, but you can use it also in the case you describe. It's also useful to have a "pull" button that does use the regular assist macro, so that you can explicitly change targets if need be.

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