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    BFA is about to be done in a month, gotta get go high HK games!!

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    I was hoping for Ele, but that was nice to watch. DH's are are so broken during their CD's. Probably the hardest class to fight as a boxer.

    edit:Just mentioning because that one single DH that gave you trouble at the start, they are so annoying they cant be killed outside of a stun during meta.
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    Thanks for your videos Ellay! Playing my ele's today a bit.. i really miss the awesomeness of all the fire and lightning happening.. its visually stunning and amazing to behold! Have you tried ele spec this expac Ellay? My guys dont even have cloak yet..390 item level and seem to do well considering. I think ill play them now until exp launch just to get used to them again. ( will try enhance as well )
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Yes I originally tried Ele first with the goal of Lightning Lasso being the main component every 30 seconds. It ended up not working due to the stun component of it. The first cast does full damage but the second does half, third does 25% and fourth cast done 0%. So a 4x cast of it only nets 1.75 of the potential 4x damage if that. On top of that they can’t move too well while doing damage.
    The changes in SL should fix some of this but for PvP I think Enhance is the way while Ele is stilll mythic + viable.

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    Absolute crushing defeat on this one, ran all over the place, lost by a second or two.
    I've also started trimming the non action spots of the run so hopefully make them more ... entertaining if that helps let me know.

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    Only watched a few mins, will watch the rest later. You know you can purge BoP, four shamans would take that bop right off.

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