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    Question New Team Members

    So I recently started a 3rd account up and have it up to BfA so far. I've been running two accounts for almost as long as I've been playing WoW, but until recently I was just dragging them along with auto-follow. With the 3rd account, I decided to jump in with ISBoxer again. I used to use it back in Everquest, but was fine with dragging for WoW.

    So I'm trying to decide how to re-arrange my toons.

    Here's the usual daily setups, account numbers are noted:

    1. BM Hunter (1) + Vengeance DH (2)
    2. Protection Paladin (1) + Shadow Priest (2) + Destro Warlock (3)
    3. Balance\Resto Druid (1) + Blood Deathknight (2)
    4. Arms Warrior (1) + Elemental\Resto Shaman (2)
    5. Brewmaster Monk (1) + Frost Mage (2)
    6. Outlaw Rogue (1) + Destro Warlock (2)

    At some point I'll have a Elemental Shaman, Outlaw Rogue and probably Mage team, but they aren't leveled to 120 yet (111-114 right now)

    Probably the most challenging content I'm doing right now is Heroic Islands and I'm OK with that. My primary concern is making sure the 3rd addition to each team has a different armor type for transmog farming and complements the existing pairs.

    With Shadowlands upgrades, I figure I can get 3 x 120s and move the boosts from 1 & 2 to 3 giving me 3 freebies to pair up.
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    On a side note when I did islands I tried them as BM Hunter and I was taking so much damage.. then on my Demo Locks it was a breeze with the soulstone and fel candy.. felguards make better tanks than voidwalkers these days. Also round it all up and laugh as they are all dragged into the demonic meat grinder.

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