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    Default Upping to 8 boxing

    I have decided to focus on gold making between now and the next expac so am going to run 8 accounts.

    I am going to have to get my allied races from 20-120 and I am guessing that questing them is going to be the fastest way.

    Can I run two groups of 4 at the same time and still track quests for all in EMA?

    How do you usually handle levelling larger character amounts?

    Also class - I see Druids are popular, but could Hunters work as well? (Druids are getting a lot of hate on the forums due to farming herbs in flight form so would rather not attract too much attention).

    I have BfA flying but don't want to herb in flight form. I will probably be taking mining and engineering for the loot-a-rang, then have an alt disenchant all the greens I farm from level 110+ I could also make the engineer mount for a bit of gold too.

    Thanks in advance
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    I think the best way to earn gold is dedicate the first few weeks+ in the next expansion to doing nothing but herbing and mining. I did a little of that in previous expansions but get in a hurry to level up. I regret it every time. Im willing to guess that if you focus on farming gold now.. all the gold you could earn now wont equal what you will earn in the first weeks of shadowlands. Now that is not to say that you cant make a ton of gold now,,but i dont think you need to focus on it. Right now if you have any teams ( even one ) that is exalted with all the emissaries, just doing WQs nets thousands of gold Via the supply crates ( 4k+ each time )..also disenchanting items you get as rewards, there are a few that reward gold as well..Random emissary 2000g reward ( thats 10k a team ). Also.. just playing the game as a boxed team nets a lot of gold for assaults and such. Of course.. the more teams at 120 you have the better for WQs. And the more of them that are exalted even better.
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    I want to focus on gold making right now as something to do.. I have no interest in any of the 8.3 content.

    I got the flying grind out of the way to make my alt levelling that much easier.

    I think it would be a real pain getting 8 characters the rep needed for exalted from being a fresh 120.. and the rep grind for flying I only just did recently.

    Came across this guy boxing for gold making:
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    If someone found a sound method to quickly make a lot of gold, which you can farm, besides herbing with 10 characters, people usually tend to keep those to themself. The random finds can get nerfed without warning. If you have any ideas, or maybe a inspiration you got from someone else, you can head into the wild and give it a try, experiment a bit. You know, like most people discover nice farms It usually needs a bit of effort.

    The guides on the wtbgold youtube channel is nice and all, but obviously he doesnt give away any tips that will comprimise his own main methods. The tips he is giving is to please new players and give inspiration. The wast majority of any spots have been farmed to death, by those that are in the know, spots are either nerfed or will be nerfed "now". To you 5 mill gold per month is maybe a lot. That could be what i made this short afternoon, reselling only 3 items on the AH, while i casually watched netflix.

    So, you decide how you want to spend your time.

    Do you want to do basically zero effort, and farm herbs to get gold?
    Do you want to farm something out in the wild to get gold?
    Or do you want to make an effort to learn how to use the AH and get gold that way?

    Only you can know the answer.

    If you decide to do a "stand still farm", be aware that Blizzard have cracked down on this like mad and they will quickly do various "bot checks". Within 10 minutes of you not watching a window closely, you could find that game, or multiple games, banned for 6 months, or worse. So you have to pay really close attention, if this is something you want to do. It can be profitable, but it is risky, if you arent paying proper attention. Personally i gave this up, dont dare any longer.

    At my "high point", i had characters spread nearly around an entire zone, causing insta respawns. Crazy golds and mats + the 3 mount drops on average each 15 min + 10 additional characters crafting and disenchanting + multiple characters scrapping and ofcourse running snipers on multiple realms, all at the very same time, by just pressing 2 buttons over and over casually. I even crafted a custom "vice" to hold my mouse, so i could keep the cursor perfectly still at a spot in all the tsm windows, which i had veeeeery carefully setup, to prevent sniping anything not worth my time, so that if i heard the piiiing sound, i just quickly scrolled my wheel to buy any said items. I also created multiple extra accounts, to just stand there by the scrapper and provide the scrapper characters access to a portable mailbox, as i hated walking to and from to get new items from the mail. So there was zero downtime on mailboxes up. Needless to say, placing down the mailboxes was also done round robin by using the same buttons, one mailbox per 10 min. Ofcourse all characters had setup tsm mailing, so it was just a mouse mousebroadcasts to send all items to where they needed to go. Every 20 min all bags where full and items sent to be sold, crafted, scrapped etc. The amount of mails full were pretty insane. I was quite proud of myself haha. But then got a few accounts banned here and there, so i stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    Also class - I see Druids are popular, but could Hunters work as well? (Druids are getting a lot of hate on the forums due to farming herbs in flight form so would rather not attract too much attention).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    Haters Gonna Hate

    BM hunters are the ultimate farming class, as you can have all use a tank pet and make the pets aggro and kill anything that aggroes you = perfect solution for when you had found the perfect spot, but you need to afk to go make food, take a shower, use the toilett etc. This way you dont have to come back and find your characters standing there dead at the graveyard.

    You can certainly herb on hunters, might aswell use them in markmanship spec then, if you cant be bothered to setup a druid team. After awhile you will slowly start regreting it though, as those few extra keypresses needed adds up over time --> being able to grab it while being small and in flight form as a druid, is hard to beat. But ohwell, worst case scenario you can farm as hunter, and then buy instant druid characters boosts later on with battlenet balance

    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    I have decided to focus on gold making between now and the next expac so am going to run 8 accounts.

    I am going to have to get my allied races from 20-120 and I am guessing that questing them is going to be the fastest way.

    Can I run two groups of 4 at the same time and still track quests for all in EMA?

    How do you usually handle levelling larger character amounts?

    *Yes, assign a keybind of a instant spell for groupmembers in party 1 and one seperately for party nr 2. This way you can tag and get credit with your entire party as needed. As soon as you have gained the tag you needed, then you use the regular "all characters dps macro" keybind. Personally i used side buttons on my mouse, one for each party. I always tagged and completed "9/10" on group 2, then "9/10" on group 1... then completed the quest on group 2 and then lastly on group 1. Sometimes you can be unlucky and you will get phased from the other group, once you complete a stage, so thats why you want to ideally be as close and far into the quests as possible, on all the groups.

    The "quest plates" addon is also awesome. Any mob you need to kill, it will always display a larger number next to the nameplates, of the number of mobs you lack. In fact, even if you completed your kills... it will still show f.ex "3" on your nameplates, indicating someone in your party still lack 3 kills/items to loot. You never have to carefully stare on all mobs to find the correct mobs you need

    The EMA questtracker works, just be aware that if you get a massive amount of lag, it could be because of it, so try disable it if needed.

    The addon named "NOP" (new openables) is very handy: as soon as you get a item in your bags that you can "use", it will appear right in front of you, i moved mine to just below my characters feet, so its easy to see. You can hold a key and right click mouse to "ignore" certain items forever, if needed. If you want to open a item on all, enable mousebroadcast and left click the item.
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    I already stumbled upon a great spot because when I was 3 boxing every time I was on a certain quest I would see a 8 Druid box.

    I messaged them and they were really nice - they spend 2 days farming there to pay for their accounts.. and they don't herb or mine because they said if you can find a good spot to farm mobs you don't need to.

    You may already know of it but you have to be Alliance and you must be on a certain quest part... otherwise the mobs are not so many there. It's dead also apart from the odd person phased to you on the quest.

    Happy to share it with anyone if they pm me.

    I am so glad you said about BM Hunters - I have always loved those along with Warlocks Also thanks for the addon tips - I wasn't aware of them.

    I couldn't get EMA to put my x2 four groups in a way that quests could be tracked. I am not sure how I will manage without that.. and I guess 5 boxing I will lose a lot of farm potential but that quest tracker would be a huge convenience missed.

    Can 5 man farming work? Sell the cloth boe's and de/scrap all the greens? I am happy to mine also.

    I could also just level 2 sets of character seperate - it's not even that bad with questing now.

    I have never used TSM but am looking into it - to be totally honest in 10 years of boxing WoW gold making has never been my focus.. but I really hate 8.3 so why not have a try I thought.
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    Im pretty sure the ema questracking works, maybe you have need to have them in the same guild and tick the box named "use guild communications". I have my settings so that once a character completes a quest, it just says "completed", next to the character name and questname.

    If it fails, just switch screens and play from the "main partyleader in party 2" first, almost complete the quest for those 4 characters, then switch to partyleader in party nr 1 etc. Like you normally would leveling.

    Yes 5man farming also works.
    Im not that familiar these days with the droprates etc on these stand still / farm spots you mention. I farmed those to death while the content was relevant and while the additional prices on boe mounts and epic boe's were skyhigh. Once prices went down i toned down (+ got banned on a few due to my own stupidness) and instead focused on using the AH.
    But if you find a spot you like, why not use it. Just be veeery carefull.

    Yes, any "out of view, hidden spots" you can find during a quest would be pretty ideal, as the competition will be lower.

    Ah yes, a warlock with a tanking pet also works nicely, similarly to a bm hunter. The barrage spell on the hunters is cool though
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    I put them in the same guild and used guild comms but it wouldn't track any more than 5 out of the x2 4 man groups. I know it's my end I am going wrong.

    I don't mind leveling twice, then it's no hassle and prob faster for me without phasing headaches... easier on my pc too.

    That boxer was still in that farm spot yesterday - so it still works for them. They only sell cloth mainly on the ah.. the rest they craft greens & scrap or vendor.

    Is scrapping better than disenchanting for mats to sell?

    Thanks for all your help - I appreciate it
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    Maybe you just have to doublecheck the ema settings on every character, that the characters are included in the teamlist etc.

    Im not up to speed on what should be done with the mats. You might just need to use tsm and install the tsm app, so you can check your realmspesific prices in the ingame tooltip. Gather drops from an hour or two farming and investigate a bit, what will be worth your time the most.

    When i farmed i eventually got so many items i decided to use a "delete all grey and green items macros" every so often, that way, when the bags were full, i knew i didnt have any "crap" in them. If there were spesific other items i didnt care about, i added those to my "delete macro".
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