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    Default Help Multiboxing 15 accounts

    So. Plan is to run 10-15 wow accounts.

    Ended up spending 3,500$ on Alienware Aurora R9.

    i7 9700k 8core processor.
    2080 8gb turbo grfx
    16gb ram.

    I cant even load up 8 wow accounts in classic.

    Loading 5, 100% CPU usage.

    What do i need to change.. or buy to be able to use 15+ wow classic accounts.... im baffled atm.

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    Wait what, you ended up just buying a 3500 dollar pc, without knowing for sure that the specs would fulfill you needs? Damn, i want that kind of money too!

    Seriously though, you need to return that thing asap, if you can.
    (unless you only want to 5man ok'ish. If so remember to use direct-x 11 legacy, slaves settings 1, main settings = experiment a bit, 1080p, fps front 60, back 25-30, slot-swap macro with 0.50 to 0.75 scaling on slaves). You ideally also want to upgrade from 16 to 32gb ram.

    Im way to tired atm to find you a suitable pc. Maybe link the website you want to buy from, so we can try help you.

    Getting a ok 10 man rig is within reach, but 15... wallet is gonna hurt. Is the 3500 just for the pc, or do you also need monitors, windows 10, hardrive etcetc?

    Ah right......
    you only plan to multibox classic? Maybe someone else have some pointers... maybe its possible to play like 8 classics on your pc, bit unsure about the 16gb ram though.. 32gb = more comfortable.
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    I would imagine there is something else going on here. I've not played Classic all that much but I am under the impression it is not as heavy as retail resource wise. What people find playable is also a very subjective matter. I ran 15 clients in legion on a 6-core i5820K and a GTX1070 and found it playable. I'm sure others could have had differing opinions though..

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    My criteria is that, at a minimum, with todays great multicore cpus, the number of games ran should not make the cpu usage go over 75%.

    This is going full out, farming big packs of mobs inside a current mythic raid, with 20 players in it for hours on end, with all accounts having all the addons you need. The fps should be nice and stable, with no eye tireing slowdowns, which is easy to notice. Doing other contents like world quests etc is a walk in the park compared to the hectic activities in the mythic raid. The only time i notice notable slowdowns, is during world raid bosses with maaaaany other players there: old game engine at work.

    This is assuming, per 5man: 1080p, direct-x 11 legacy, 60 fps max front, 25 fps background, slot-swap macro with 0.7 render scale on slaves. 4 slaves are on one 24 inch monitor. Main game is running on its own 24 inch monitor. Modern cpu at minimum 4Ghz with 2 cores + 2 hyperthreaded cores assigned each game. 2 cores + 2 hyperthreaded cores unassigned, for the OS. Slaves run settings 1 (some increased a bit) and main with settings 1 (with many settings then increased, experiment to your liking/fps). 32gb RAM ddr4 @ 3200 to 3600 mhz. You can use a older 6gb vram gpu, but with prizes these days, you get even better fps and increased visuals on the main game with a new (2019+) and only slightly more costly modern 8gb vram gpu. **This same 8gb vram card is ok for a 10 man aswell (but for 10 you need 64gb RAM).

    You should also be able to, if you want, to watch websites, news, netflix etc on a 3rd monitor.

    If all values are within safe numbers and no throttling is happening, i consider it a success. You can use hardwareinfo and msi afterburner to monitor all kinds of values onscreen, like temps, cpu usage, gpu usage, ram usage, vram usage, power, etc. It can also let you know if there are bottlenecks and what is causing your bottleneck(s).

    With todays great hardware and prizes are very nice, in that regard, if you can afford it, buying something inferior, would be doing yourself a disfavour, imo. With some research, you could be getting a better experience, for your budget.

    If you dont really care about performance and want to remain at 85+% usage, which leads to lower fps, thats fine, let us know if this is the case. I have pretty much tried most cpus the last 10 years, have plenty of experience running 3-10 games on those. Its a sub par experience though, once you have tried what ive described above, which i feel is a good experience. While subjective, is also based on facts --> the hardware isnt strained at any time, since that leads to bottlenecks and decreased performance.

    Older hardware can be great and cheap, but you cant run so many instances at the same time, to meet my criterias atleast. Decrease the number of games, and it could become a good experience.
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