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    Default New to multi boxing

    Hi all,

    I want to start multi boxing and i cant decide on what i want to start with.
    Got 3 account, thinking of making a fourth account with RaF
    Can somebody tell me the pros and cons of 2 man, 3 man and 4 man groups?
    Im have been watching Multiboxology vids in youtube for the setup of Isboxer

    I spend mosty of my time in wow doing casual stuff, transmog runs and other collecting stuff bit of low m+

    any advice for a new guy?

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    Welcome!! The biggest suggestion is to always be patient and take it slow. It's a lot of information to take in and eventually it just flows nicely.
    For old raid transmog runs adding more doesn't help too much unless you run each dungeon separately or when you do run the dungeon together they are different armor types.

    Adding more definitely helps you farm easier and better depending on what it is. Over the course of a few years in vanilla I played 2 then 3, in tbc I added a 4th, and finally in wotlk I did 5 and stuck with that since. It comes down to your preference. I'd start with what your original goal was and then you'd probably be able to make a better decision from there, having a good idea of what you want.

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    And a welcome from myself as well.

    That is quite a hard question you're posing us, but I can share some initial thoughts:


    + "Easiest" micro management, can really focus on min-maxing both toons.
    + Can still offer, for example, a healer+dps/tank comps for fast quest and flexible roles.
    + 2's arena bracket if you're in to PVP (easiest bracket by far)
    - You are reliant on other players in all forms of content outside of open world questing.

    + Can do island expeditions "solo".
    + 3's arena bracket if you're in to PVP (might have an easier time bursting someone down, but if not, much harder than 2s).
    + very easy to fill 3x dps slots in a dungeon.
    + 1 more toon means more choises available.
    - Still reliant on 2 others for dungeons for example.

    + Again, one more toon for more choises available.
    + Only reliant on 1 other person for 5 man content.
    - Still reliant on 1 other person for 5-man content
    - rewards from 3-man content would require multiple runs to get them on all characters.

    Personally out of the 3 choises I would go with the 3. I don't see the fourth being all that game changing. The next big change comes at 5, where you can run all the 5-man content on your own. But it's all preference. No one else can tell you exactly what youwould enjoy most. Go with your gut.

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    Thanks for the reply

    i got some thinking to do

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