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    Problem is shamans are very susceptible to being swarmed, LoS'd, interrupted, etc. due to their immobility. Mages can just global one character or a hundred with instants.

    I was skeptical when people started advocating mages on the forum because I've always had a preference for "tankier" classes. I saw the Xzin videos ages ago but I figured his success was just the result of people being bad at the game in vanilla. I decided to give them a try because of all the forum hype and it didn't take long to convince me. Since there's no resilience in classic, survivability is more about killing your enemies before they can do a lot of damage to you and no other composition does close to the same damage to any number targets as mages.

    I also actually prefer mages for countering fear over tremor totem. Tremor totems take up globals to place and can be killed. Mages have 2 ice blocks, trinket plus WoTF or fear ward. You'll DR fear before you run out of cooldowns.
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    Oh for sure, I see your points. I'm looking at this more from my point of view and my playstyle I suppose. I can't play any class in a multibox setup even 1/5 as good as I can play a solo toon, and I suck playing a solo toon too. So all those advantages I see for mages I just could never take advantage of in the heat of the moment lol. For me, Shaman just seem easier in almost every world PvP situation I might find myself in, and that's because I do what I can to avoid world PvP in Classic . I would blow my cooldowns and GTFO asap lmao.

    I suppose if you go looking for PvP, you're probably a decent multiboxer, I suck and make the most minimal effort to successfully complete my PvE goals haha. Shaman is for me just easier to handle probably because I was so comfortable with them during TBC/Wrath. Ya they are nowhere near as good right now, but still interesting and enjoyable. When I compare them to my mages I feel more comfortable with the shamans already and I've only hit level 20 so far lol.

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