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    Default Collection Quests Necessary?

    Been playing like 5 days now and I officially hate collection quests with a passion (always have in any game) but they seem like they are necessary for leveling. Are they?

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    Usually you need to complete certain quests in order to open up new quest chains... so yeah.... there will also be long scenarios, which are phased for each. Sometimes all i did was spending entire afternoons completing one quest... so yeah, with you only levelling 5 characters... you have it a lot nicer

    But all in all, its not too bad. Just have to take it slow and easy sometimes.

    Worst one was the legendary cloak quest, where you had to do a long and hard scenario in Highmountain..... arrrrgh... hope they have nerfed it, the hp on mobs and dps/healing needed... on hunters it was faceroll, on others it was quite a challenge. Ah, now you can buy cheap items on the AH, like a 400 ilvl weapon etc, that should help... a lot.
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    No they are not necessary for leveling - You can level as you like - killing mops, run dungeons, herb/mining, pet battle etc.

    - but alot of stuff are hidden behind long quest chains. So if you want flying, legendary cloak etc. there is only one way....
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    Fair enough, the OP never mentioned if he was currently lvl 34 or 112.... i assumed he bought bfa, which comes with a lvl 110. If thats the case, not having pathfinder (the achievement that gives the skill to fly in the bfa zones), is kinda annoying. So if you want the flying skill, complete all quests in a bfa zone, then move on.

    Sidenote, you most likely also will dislike finally getting the required "turtles rep"

    Getting some of the faction rep can take some time. Personally i casually did world quests to finish those off. But use to search stuff you need guides on.

    Also, pathfinder progress counts account wide, so if you only want to do some activity on 1 character, thats totally possible (assuming you only have 1 battlenet account). I actually did this: had a couple alts for each battlenet parked near where those pesky turtles rep world daily quests could spawn. Then when i logged on i used the world quest list addon to quickly figure out which quests were up and what was worth my time overall. You can filter quest f.ex to only show the quests that rewards reputation, etc.
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