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    Default Groups and armor types

    Am I going to be able to gear out faster/better with say a 5 box and each of them use different armor types? Like a plate tank, mail Healer, leather and cloth ranged DPS. Is that the way that drops work for bosses? Do they take into consideration your group or is it basically a free-for-all if I was say five Mages and get a plate drop I am basically sol? Like would I gear faster and better if my group had all four armor types or does it REALLY make a difference?
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    Depends if your playing Classic or Retail.
    Classic, the drops are random from what their loot table is. So having 1 of each armor type would be beneficial.
    Retail uses smart looting, and it only gives you gear that you can actually wear. So stacking the same armor types gears up your team faster since you can trade with others if they were part of the kill.

    Overall though I wouldn't base your team comp on this decision though as you'll eventually gear up just fine as is.

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    Basically, if you play retail, you will get ton of surplus BoA items, that you cant use. These drops in the two new corrupted assaultzones and in the mechagon zone. Kill rares and open chests. Then create a banker character or three, f.ex named Tonycloth, Tonyleather etc, then mail these items to them. Then later on, when you f.ex is making a new alt, say a druid, just log on Tonyleather. If you have mixed gear at a banker, just search 'leather" within the bags. Then you quickly find what you have.

    This way you could gear a alt fast to around 410ilvl. Rest you can get cheap at the AH.

    Rings... you will get later on in dungeons, or you could craft some by using the robot in the base in the home base in the Mechagon zone (can take a long time though, + you can buy plans to craft up to 420 ilvl items at the quatermaster nearby the mechagon 5man instance portal).

    Edit: do the latest world bosses once a week, got some 440++ rings, random luck is random.. Usually groups are up at the start of a weekly reset: search in the looking for group tool, under "bfa raids"... or under custom.
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