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    Default LBRS mob packs randomly pulling

    Anyone notice this? It's been a while since I've run LBRS because I got sick of the place, but started running it again recently up to the ogre boss just to try and get Skyshroud leggings on my 2 mages. Last time I ran LBRS was back in phase 1 and 2, but the last couple of days in there I've noticed that the orc packs before you get to the Ogres will randomly pull. I will pull one pack and start to aoe it down, and then out of nowhere 1 or 2 more orc packs from across the room will aggro and sometimes wipe me. I usually skip 3 of the orc packs just before the first 3 ogres, but lately I been having to clear all of them because if I fight the ogres with any orcs still up they might aggro from across the room lol.

    I had to adjust my strategy to prepare for another pack to pull just in case, but I never had this problem in phase 1 and 2. I've tried paying attention to see wtf is pulling them, it's almost like there is a hidden "cry for help" that I'm not seeing, because I'm nowhere near the other packs when they get pulled. Probably the worst culprits are the first pack of orcs after the second rope bridge, I keep my ranged on the bridge, send my tank to bunch up that 4 pack of orcs keeping them near the bridge and trying to bring them back onto it, and then sometimes the orcs sleeping as well as the ones right around the first pillar will just aggro for no reason and come kick my ass.

    Did something change or am I just having some really terrible luck? It never fails either, every new run I get at least 1 extra pack pulled when I don't want it. I don't get it lol

    EDIT: i think I figured out what is pulling them, if true it's freaking stupid...Need to test a bit more, but I think when my bear tank is using Demoralizing Roar it scares off any nearby critters and the critters are pulling the orcs lol. This was never a thing, or at least I never noticed this before. But after making this post I've been pre-killing any nearby critters and the random pulls have stopped.

    EDIT2: I'm convinced it's the critters pulling the orcs. Since I've started pre-killing the critters I have not had a single extra pack get pulled. This is the only dungeon though where the critters will pull another pack like that. Another weird thing is I've tried walking up to a critter, making him run off by demoralizing shout, and he will not pull an orc pack. It only seems to pull if I'm in combat with normal mobs first, that they will then pull another pack. This is not a problem in UBRS, when I find Jed and go up to take him out, I do not have this same issue as in LBRS.

    EDIT3: So I left some critters alive on purpose, marked them so I can watch their path, and on several pulls watched them go running with demoralized shout straight into another orc pack and no pull. So I don't know wtf the cause is lol. I'm giving up on figuring out what is pulling the extra packs, just going to assume another pack will be pulled and prepare for it from now on. And for sure it is not an orc yelling for help. The problem orcs are the ones at the very beginning of the instance, not the ones who actually do yell near Wyrmthalak

    EDIT4: 100% confirmed that critters can pull extra mobs if feared/demo shouted or for any reason run into a nearby aggressive pack and in ANY instance with critters. The weird thing is when I try to force it to happen it doesn't always happen. Seems to be under very specific circumstances or the critter needs to run right into an NPC for it to pull, like within a yard or two.
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    Orcs sometimes yell for help, if I remember.

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    That was my first thought, but I'm not seeing them yell, which is making me wonder if there is a hidden yell or something. But this was never a problem for me in phase 1 or 2, and especially when I was running this place in crap gear 58-60 and taking twice as long to kill them as I do now. Ahh well I'll figure it out eventually lol

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    Ok so I’d be interested in this as well because this happened to me several times. I thought it was my warlocks imp but couldn’t really explain it as the groups weren’t really even close.

    let us know if you sort it. And regarding the orcs calling for help, I’ve never seen it in chat and this “bug” has only happened a few times during the dozens of runs I’ve done so it doesn’t feel like a regular mob calling for help mechanics.

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    The Orcs only yell for help when you are on the part past spider boss and on the way up to Drakkisath AFAIK. I wiped first time on them before I learn to pull the packs one at a time back down the stairs and LOS the casters.

    I know the fire orcs have a guy that patrols from one group to the next, and if you time it poorly you will pull two groups and wipe (I have farmed this spot for my a while to get all three Robe of the Archmage plans)

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    I have also had packs from halfway across the instance randomly pull. I've only had it happen before Omok though.

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    Can confirm that critters can pull extra mobs in LBRS.

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    Thx Spicydork, I also can 100% confirm critters can pull extra packs in any instance. As it just happened to me twice in Dire Maul lol. It's so annoying now that I need to watch out for critters, I don't remember this ever being an issue, but whatever, it's so random maybe I just been lucky up until now.

    It seems to be mostly a problem for those of us who run a tank and have demo shout/roar in the rotation. As PMMMM groups or groups without a shout/roar will rarely if ever encounter this problem.
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    I can confirm this is definitely the case. I tested it at the DM North entrance because I couldn't figure it out. I used Demo Shout on that first critter (rat/roach/snake) and sure enough it ran off to chain aggro the two ogre pack just right of the zone-in. I religiously kill critters in DM now if its a testy spot.

    Highly recommend killing these critters for safety also:

    - Right after the door you unlock with Fengus's key. This critter will run outside and aggro the Ogre+dogs pack.
    - Any critters between the insect pack and the twin reavers near Slip'kik's trap. They will aggro the warlock packs.

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