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    Default All stealth vs All casters vs Balanced Group

    I have a 60 priest and 60 warrior on one account already, but I tasted the multi-boxing Kool Aid a week ago and then drank the whole jug a few days later. (5 accounts.)

    I want to do two things:
    --I want to be able to farm gold quickly.
    --I want to directly farm at least one item of intrinsic value. That could be a lot of things, such as:
    ----Black Lotus (probably don't need to multi-box)
    ----Rich Thorium / Arcane Crystals
    ----Dark Iron
    ----Grave Moss
    ----Righteous Orbs
    ----Other herbs (DM East)

    So I'm wondering what can be done with 4 rogues and a druid (or bear, tree, and 3 rogues)


    4 mages or warlocks and a resto druid (already have a priest for max level)


    A balanced group you'd actually find real people playing with, like maybe prot pally, warlock, mage, resto druid, rogue.

    I'm not super in to twitch gaming and hate chugging consumables especially when farming. But I'm realizing that if I can farm gold 5-10x faster by spending a couple extra bucks it might make my life easy.

    Also, what does it take to farm rich thorium deep in Silithus?


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    Most people I've spoken to multibox because they enjoy it. Pick a composition that you think you'll enjoy playing or will be successful in other aspects of the game like raiding or PvP.

    If your goal is just to farm more efficiently then you're probably better off simply levelling a mage with mining and herbalism and following one of the Mara/BRD/DM farm guides on YouTube that can earn you 150+ gold per hour plus herbs, mining nodes, etc.

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    The general consensus on Rogues is that, in addition to being squishy for a melee, it is hard to optimize their DPS for Boxing so generally it is best to have at most one in your boxing group and drive from it and maximize it's DPS (especially if you have a particular reason for needing a rogue like you want to main one).

    Generally speaking the most balanced group to farm with is Tank+3Ranged_DPS+Healer and the fastest for farming is 4Ranged_DPS+Healer (typically avoiding bosses at least while leveling).

    Generally speaking the best Ranged_DPS are Mages with Warlocks being second with pros/cons. Generally speaking it is best to go all the same DPS though, for the extra utility (summons, rez stones, health stones, stamina buff, etc), many folk will go with 1 Warlock and the rest Mages (2 or 3 depending on the party composition).

    Considering you already have a 60 Warrior I recommend you level 4Mages+Healer to cap, with a Mage on your Warrior account, and then at cap you can substitute in your Warrior for the boss fights where you feel like having a Tank helps the fight.

    If your 60 Priest is on the same account as your Warrior I would consider leveling a 2nd Priest on one of the other accounts as Priests (especially Dwarf Priests) are the best all around Healers and that would allow you to have Warrior+3Mages+Priest for boss fights. If you are Alliance a Paladin Healer can do much for a Warrior lead 3Mage team (and still help a 4 Mage team with blessings/aura on top of healling) and though I love Druids a Druid would be my last choice for a 4Mage (or Warrior+3Mage) team unless you really just want a Druid at cap and don't see yourself leveling a Druid any other way...

    4Warlocks+Priest also work but if you go that route I would definitely do Priest as the AoE healing really helps Warlocks.

    Edit: For leveling 4Mages+Healer or 4Warlocks+Priest I recommend you review the following link to help you get to cap the fastest:

    Lots of great info on the various tabs of that spreadsheet but in particular I would focus on the 2 links in light blue (cyan) on the 'Leveling' tab as they contain links to great guides leveling teams (especially mage heavy teams). Both are a little more Horde-centric so if you are Alliance I would use the 'Leveling' tab to get to Scarlet Monestary where the guides work fine for both factions...
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    I have farmed Strat Live and DM East with the following teams.

    Druid tank, Holy Priest, Mage, El Shaman, Hunter

    I don't use crowd control and kill things by single target tanking and AOEing some mobs. DM East is easy, live strat can get ugly with a bad pull. Battle Mages in strat can be difficult sometimes.

    Currently completed DM east with the following team. 56 Prot Warrior, Holy Priest, Mage, El Shaman, 56 Warlock.
    I think tanking with the Warrior is easier, even at 56. Being able to take a health Pot and/or healthstone is huge along with Shield wall. The Warlock using curse of tongues makes the casting mobs insignificant.

    DM east also have two, sometimes three rich thorium nodes at the end. I jump down with the mage(slow fall) and priest(levitate) and AOE the non elite pack with AE and HN. Not even close to dying with just these two toons. Then I jump down with the others.

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    I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that nothing even comes remotely close to MMMMP / MMMMM for power farming instances. They're also extremely easy to gear since only 3 stats matter for arcane explosion spam (crit, int, and stam).

    I think WWWWS or WWWWPa has the potential to outscale it in t1/t2 gear, but yea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by strokes View Post
    I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that nothing even comes remotely close to MMMMP / MMMMM for power farming instances. They're also extremely easy to gear since only 3 stats matter for arcane explosion spam (crit, int, and stam).

    I think WWWWS or WWWWPa has the potential to outscale it in t1/t2 gear, but yea...
    TY all

    The first multivoxer on my server to 60 told me pretty much this. And I was thinking, there just doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere worth stealthing to that 4-5 mages couldn’t just kill their way to in roughly the same time. (At leadt that’s my best guess.)

    So right now it’s between 3 mages and lock or four mages. The healer tank os gonna br a pally though, I want to have him as a buffbot if needed for raids.

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    For Strat you will need at least 1 char to clear all the diseases you get. If you are just farming orbs I would say MMMMP is fastest. I would also say:

    1. Horde is way quicker to reach 60 due to easy SM access and Gorshak farming. I pretty much leveled from 53-60 no risk easy peasy on Gorshak. So much so that I gave up on my plan of an alliance team.
    2. Prices on Ally side are lower. I probably shouldn't give this away though.
    3. If you are grinding world mats like essences, I would think a hunter team is fastest with the least down time. The biggest reason hunters kind of suck for instance farming is the deadzone, which doesn't come into play in world farming at all.
    4. Mixed team are harder to manage. Something like LMMMP will give you soulstone and summons, it's much easier to manage MMMMP.

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