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    Default [WoW] A few issues...

    So, where does one find a community for boxing? Not here apparently...

    I would love to actually have a discussion with some veteran boxers, but it seems as though no one is home.

    Thanks a bunch
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    lol? Not a dead website. A lot of us are pretty casual players with busy lives, wives, maybe kids, and other time sinking activities. I personally multibox because it's the only way I can enjoy this game anymore. My schedule is too busy to find any time to consistently raid, and while I'm sure that's not the case for everyone, it is the case for a lot. If you're a user of isboxer, discord is likely a better place to get instant help. If you don't need help instantly, a lot of folks here are super helpful.
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    Back from a long WoW vacation, used to box 4xDK+Paladin and 4xDisc+War in Cata
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    As yourself, i guess... when you have free want to play...right? .... and chill... and ideally not spend lot of time answering question and/or boosting people thru instances to get different pieces of loot.... personally i do look over these forums once awhile and answer if i can / feel like it. If you cant figure out what to do after reading thru the 1: isboxer wiki guides, 2: the stickies in here... and 3: the guides on = then ask for help either here or on the discord.

    Also, yes, thats why i multibox mainly: my schedrule is so wackey i cant really commit to anything pre-planned ingame, playing or socializing.

    What did you want to discuss ?

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    My apologies for being abrasive. Had the post up for a few days and got zero bites. Was able to resolve one of the issues myself. Anyways...

    First off, I've only been boxing for a few months. I'm currently working on several trio teams. My setup for now is running two PCs. Both are Asrock Anniversary Z97's with a G3258. Main pc has a GTX 950 gpu, secondary has a 520 GT. Main supports three 1080p monitors, secondary is on a 32" Vizio tv.

    My first issue, that originally brought me here, was a follow issue - which I discovered was due to my own mistake while trying to "splice" a team member into another team. Re-made a new team and no problems.

    My current teams have been setup as so: Main and Slot 2 on my main pc, Slot 3 alone on the secondary pc.
    I use ISBoxer and EMA.

    So, what I would like to be able to do is run all three from the same pc. The G3258 is only lightly overclocked (not sure if that makes a difference), but tonight I'm going to make sure both pcs are set to the same clock speed. I've tried with a few teams on my main pc and the results are basically...random disconnects of any of the three, though usually the slot 3 will dc first (or more often).
    When running both pcs, I seem to get some sort of lag whenever slot 3 zones into a WQ, crosses zones, or just randomly while flying. I was hoping to get a little insight on how get this ironed out for my current setup to make it run a little smoother (eventually I would like to get a 4core chip in my main pc and run all three there).

    So, my first question is basically this: From my humble perspective, it seems like running all three from one pc (while it can do it) eats up the majority of my processing power and causes one or more of the instances to lockup or exit. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to improve that to a more playable level?

    I would also like a little insight into setting up EMA/ISBoxer to smooth out the rest of the process. Like: Interacting with a target (as mouse broadcasting does not function on my setup), getting/completing quests at the same time and accepting invites (it's like I have to redo all the EMA settings every other time I log a team in).

    A little lost and slightly frustrated. Thanks for you time and patience. Let me know if there's any info I need to add.

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    1. Are you trying to play 3 games on a really old "2 core cpu" and a gpu with 2 gb of vram? How much RAM do your pc have?

    2. Try disabling EMA questtracker (all of the options in that tab).

    3. Are you running all the games in direct-x 11 legacy?
    And is isboxer telling them to run in dirext-x 11 legacy?

    4. Are you sure all games are set to settings 1? (disable use raid/pvp settings aswell, let it always use settings 1 no matter what). Remember that after a new patch, usually all game settings are set back to 7....and dirext-x12. You need to start each game individually via isboxer and doublecheck that all settings are set back to "1" and direct-x11 legacy. Also use the "twitch app" to keep your addons up to date.

    5. Are you running all on 1080p?

    6. What are your fps settings in isboxer? 60 fps front, 20 fps background?

    7. What kind of "cpu strategy" are you using in isboxer?

    8. Install hardwareinfo64 and see what the temps and usage are on: cpu/cores.... gpx memory usage.....gpu usage....
    (start all the games, then clear all data collected at the top, so its starts from scratch, to record usage and temps while you play).

    9. What kind of internet are you using? Speed? Hope its not via wireless

    10: its pretty normal to get some disconnects, on the main gamescreen, where you have logged in and see your character screen. If you wait some minutes after logging in, some accounts disconnects, then after you log back in, its fine afterwards. It shouldnt disconnect randomly during gameplay. It can yes, but veeeeeery seldom if so, and then not on all.

    11. Your best bet is to just open isboxer and clear everything, there is a option at the top left. Then create a new profile for your 3 accounts.
    If you have several keybinds etc done, which you want to carry over, then open up another instance of isboxer (you can run two at the same time), then simply mark what you want and copy it on the old...go to the new profile and paste it in where you need).

    12. Later on you will want to run a slot swap macro... it helps a lot.

    My low:

    /console graphicsTextureFiltering 1
    /console graphicsProjectedTextures 2
    /console graphicsViewDistance 1
    /console graphicsEnvironmentDetail 1
    /console graphicsGroundClutter 1
    /console graphicsShadowQuality 1
    /console graphicsLiquidDetail 1
    /console graphicsSunshafts 1
    /console graphicsParticleDensity 1
    /console graphicsSSAO 1
    /console graphicsDepthEffects 1
    /console graphicsLightningQuality 1
    /console graphicsOutlineMode 3
    /console renderscale 0.7
    --/console MSAAquality 0
    --/console MSAAAlphaTest 0
    --/console ffxAntiAliasingMode 0
    --/console ffxGlow 0

    My high: (for average pc to decent pc)

    /console graphicsTextureFiltering 1
    /console graphicsProjectedTextures 2
    /console graphicsViewDistance 3
    /console graphicsEnvironmentDetail 1
    /console graphicsGroundClutter 1
    /console graphicsShadowQuality 1
    /console graphicsLiquidDetail 1
    /console graphicsSunshafts 2
    /console graphicsParticleDensity 3
    /console graphicsSSAO 2
    /console graphicsDepthEffects 2
    /console graphicsLightningQuality 1
    /console graphicsOutlineMode 1
    /console renderscale 1.00
    --/console MSAAquality 0
    --/console MSAAAlphaTest 0
    --/console ffxAntiAliasingMode 0
    --/console ffxGlow 0

    Somehow i got a feeling your hardware is just not up to it, sadly.
    Its tmost likely ime to upgrade.
    What happens if you play only 1 game, is it silky smooth (or feel playable, to you)?
    What happens if you play 2 games?

    I ran some tests on 1 single game:
    60 fps front, 25 fps back.
    Dir x-11 legacy

    Settings 1 ingame
    RAM used: 6 gb
    VRAM used: 1 gb
    2 cores + 2 hyperthreaded assign from a AMD 3900x cpu (set to 4 gz) to the game =smooth as silk.

    If you got a budget... and only want to play 3 accounts at most? What are the items, if any, you want to keep?
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    1. Yes, basically. 950 has 2gb, my secondary pc has the 520GT-which may be only 1gb.
    8gb ram on main, secondary pc has 6.

    2. Yes. I prefer to use the default Blizzard tracker, if anything.

    3. I'm currently at work, but I'll check.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes. Unless I am running the 2-pc setup, then the secondary pc's monitor is 720p.

    6. Default. 60/30 maybe. I haven't tried changing that yet.

    7. Round Robin seemed to work best whether attempting single pc or dual pc configurations.

    8. I haven't tried that yet, but previously I was using the Task manager and Speedfan to monitor them on occasion.

    9. Wired, cable modem.

    At present, I'm not really ready to commit to another build. I was looking mainly to make minimal upgrades to make this one work; like a 4core processor, maybe an SSD. I have it running fairly smooth on the 2pc setup, with the exception of the disconnects and a few functionalities that get lost in EMA (as stated at the end of my previous post).

    I feel like there are a few things I could do to the rig to test, but haven't yet. Like setting each account up on it's own drive (what will that affect?); checking/changing/resetting some of the settings (learned a few things from your post). My main struggle is understanding exactly what changes will affect which aspects of the setup.

    Thanks again. Back to work ftm.

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    Your video card (GT 950) and RAM (8GB) should support running 3 clients running on low settings. I run 30 fps in foreground and 15 on background.
    In my experience each client takes about 2GB of RAM and I used to multibox with that same video card many moons ago with more clients.

    Direct X 11 legacy is the real killer. If you're using Blizzard's launcher and launching your team afterwards, this likely isn't being enforced/controlled by Innerspace/Isboxer. I can't speak to this as fact, but it is an educated assumption. For reference this is controlled in game by going to System > Advanced > Graphics API. If you're using Direct X 12, you're going to notice a DRAMATIC difference between 12 and 11 Legacy. I had a lot of the same issues you're describing with flying, zoning, and following when I was running on DX 12.

    I can't speak to any potential CPU woes. I can tell you the CPU requirements have definitely increased over the years. I'm currently throttled by CPU on my build but I haven't had it lead to a game client freeze/crash yet.
    Back from a long WoW vacation, used to box 4xDK+Paladin and 4xDisc+War in Cata
    Retail (Mal'ganis): Hunter Trinity + 2x Paladin || 5x Guardians
    Classic (Mankrik): WMMMP (60)

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    So your main pc is OK, but its the 2nd pc that disconnects and has troubles at times....

    Try only play 1 account on the 2nd pc. No multiboxing. No isboxer etc active.
    Does it then still disconnect?

    If its ages ago since you cleaned your gpc fans etc, take a look so see if its filled with dust.
    I use msi afterburner, a gpu program: its handy to set fan curves etc and can start a profile as you start up the pc. Got mine set to just under 70% fanspeed, so its not "that" audible.

    Yes, its important that you make sure that within the nvidia controlpanel AND within the wow game itself, that you spesifically choose to use your "named gpu" (and not let the pc/software "decide" what to use).
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    Alright, you both seem to have nailed a big part with the Directx. I had not checked it previously. Main account was set to 12, both slave accounts to 11. Also found several minor settings to tweak down, but my first test with all three using 11 legacy was smooth as silk.

    As far as other points...I clean both pcs on a regular basis; temps for both cpu and gpu stayed within tolerance; "named gpu" changed. With that said, this was all tested using both pc's. Tomorrow, I'll setup a trio on one pc and test that.

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdoms.

    Update: Got several teams set up on one pc using the suggestions here. Serious improvement over what I was dealing with before.
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