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Just use a addon like the "world quest list". It can put up a popup if you want, to find a group very quickly, whenever you are at a area with a world quest, world boss etc. Alternatively, do a manual search to find a group via the ingame Looking for group function. Usually groups are up under the custom groups or the raid group bfa.
Most people do these world bosses the same day as the weekly reset, or during the early weekend.. so if you are late.. you might not be able to find any groups, sadly so. You could try create your own group though and try your luck.

Regarding new questlines... you get these automatically presented to you when you log in / visitting the major city. Sometimes you need to be up to par on the "main story" questchain though, in order to get the newest quests. Sometimes, a quick log out and back in, can spawn the new quest lines too.
But ive never had any issues with this myself.
Your current stage on the "main questline" is stated on the very top, inside the questlog /questlog next to the world map.
thanks for that tip im taking it slow for now, just doing dailies for gold, guild dungeon for 400g, and some quests here and there.. trying out 5x druid now.. and wow.. i am getting addicted to it.. lol