Just hit 60 on my last three mages joining my 60 priest and original mage, was seeing other multiboxers on the server and am interested in starting a guild with just 4 or 5 other multiboxers and start a raid schedule. Between 40 other actual people on indidual accounts loot is always a controversial thing and a lot of people dont even see loot for a while, but split amongst 4 or 5 others with who 5 box and everyone gets loot every week. I was thinking you pick your single "champion" of your group, who you would want to gear first and loot split amongst the us everyone will be getting multiple drops when we raid, it doesn't take 40 accounts to do MC and ONY, good communications and ill farm consumes for us and I will take last priority for loot, I don't even mind because the peace of mind doing dungeons with my team and not worrying about loot or gold is priceless and we can do that on the biggest scale for WoW Classic and that's raiding. Please if youre even slightly interested direct message me or post on this thread, thank you for taking the time to read this!