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    Default Issue with hotkeys going to other programs

    Just started back 5-boxing on WoW Classic after an absence from MBing for some years.
    I don't remember having this problem back then, so hopefully there is a trivial fix.

    I have a couple of hot keys set up for Discord and TeamSpeak, to mute the mic for sneezing, eating, chatting at home etc.

    I use...


    from a macro GKey (Logitech G510s keyboard), but I also use the STOP button on the media keys, as I've been using that for years.
    Discord shows that as


    I've been single boxing WoW Classic for some months and those macro/hotkeys work fine.

    I've just started 5-boxing and if I'm in one of the 5 clients, the macro/hotkey seems to be prevented from reaching Discord/TS.
    I have to manually tab out of WoW to a.n.other window and it then works.

    Can I fix this behaviour and allow those keys to hit Discord/TS?

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    I believe F12 combinations are default set to Jamba/EMA macros in ISBoxer. Check the keybinds in Game Helper | WoW macros and unbind them if you aren't using EMA-Classic.

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    Thanks for the pointer - I can see those keybinds but using any other key combo didn't work either.

    But... I did find the solution... explicitly run Discord as Admin!

    I've been using Discord for years and not needed to do this before but it fixes it so all is good

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