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    Default Jamba trash vendoring not working after TSM installed

    anyone using jamba trash vendoring? After i installed TSM, it stopped working.. anyone has solution for that?
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    Working fine for me atleast. Maybe you just need to reload the ui.

    Sidenote: its possible to set up mailing operations in tsm, just like shopping operations. This is very handy for regular play too, as with just a couple broadcast clicks, you can almost empty all your main/slave bags at the end of the day... like... boa items goes to the boa item bankalt... those mats goes to my main banker alt... etcetcetc. Any reminder items you dont want = ema sell greys / sell spesific items / delete spesific items = lots of bagspace again

    Also: in tsm, create a group named f.ex DONT SELL. Here you just add the items you want to keep, always. This way you dont accidently sell them.
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    that's weird.. reloaded multiple times.. seems tsm is interfering with my jamba.. i cant auto jamba vendor trash
    yeah.. and i can confirm it is tsm because once i disable tsm, it works.
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