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    Default Farming for items and/or Dungeon Farming

    wanted to ask some opinions for farming of items, such as deep sea satin, or dungeon runs for gold..
    For deep sea satin, so far i saw 2 kinds..

    boomkin or frost mage

    basically, they setup the toon in such a formation that they just spam AOE and the mobs keep spawning

    For dungeon runs, druids? dungeon such as iron docks

    Are these the best setup?
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    If the damage taken is managable, choose balance druids. Their instant dots and aoe is nice. If you later/also want to herb, they are good at that. For harder mobs out in the wild, beast master hunters with tank pet and the mend pet healing spell usually does the job. Pluss with druids is that you can change any of them to tank/healer if need be, for harder content.

    How many characters do you plan to use... gold goal.... deep sea satin (? why), farm a old wod dungeon ?
    More info would be nice.
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    i am boxing 5 atm.. prot pally, ele shaman x2, discipline priest, arcane mage.. standard old fashion setup.. wanted to make some gold farming deep sea satin to make bags for auction.. as well as wod dungeon for some gold..

    i ran with my team of 5 for farming.. not that effective..
    i ran with my team of 5 for wod dungeon.. had to run back to entrance..

    then i saw those boomkins and read druid can tele back to entrance.. tot of getting a team of druids for that..

    oh and gold goal.. well.. as much as possible? lol..
    i guess getting those mounts and stuff as a primary, then on and off some tokens for game time and maybe bnet balance to buy mounts?
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    Tbh i would rather leave the farming to others and instead learn how to use the tsm addon and running the tsm application app. You can start with the very basics if you are new to this and dont have much gold. Basically what you will be doing is f.ex setting up sniping operations for deep sea satin, the bag you wanted to craft and maybe a few items more. Then you setup the settings like, i will only be notified if someone posts those items below a certain price. You then quickly scroll your mouse to buy them, if they appear. You then relist them for higher.
    If you have a seperate pc or laptop, that can run this sniping account, that would be the best. Sometimes if bored and laying in bed, watching movie on the tv, running wow sniping on the laptop = handy multitasking.

    If you have the professions to craft you own items, you can have the tooltip display what profits can be had, by getting/buying the mats only. And much much more.

    Tsm doesnt do anything on its own, you must create groups and setup prices etc on your own / importing from others.
    Your best bet is to do this yourself though. Sometimes you will need to tweak some settings, based on "your" servers economi. You will get to know this over time and play.

    As you master this and understand how tsm works, you can import groups and such created by others. This can quickly become overwhelming though, so instead import f.ex 1 big group and then look over its settings to understand it and customize its sniping settings as needed. You can also find importcodes for all items, old and brand new ones, on As you can imagine, tracking thousands and thousands of items like the derp sea satin, very rare drop items thats boe etc, will allow you to buy many items cheaply, from players who have no idea what items are really worth. You can also here input what you want to sell items for on the AH. So when you want to sell, you just start a quick "sell on AH" and then scroll the mouse to put up all your items on the ah. This is the real advantage.

    So while you casually run the sniper, you can carry on playing your 5 accounts like normal, at the same time. Alternativly, if your accounts are on the same battlenet, and you only want to play with these 5, play with 4 and use 1 account to snipe / as auctionhouse alt.

    I personally stopped playing wow for around 2 months and devoted most free time i could to watch and read guides and trial and errored, on how to use tsm. It was well worth it. You can earn gold regardless of which wow exp it is. It will need some work in order to import and setup groups for "the latest items", but people are still people, they make mistakes on all kinds of content at all times, which you can snipe and resell / craft to sell.

    If you arent interested in this, using the AH, and you want to farm... but no stand still you only have 5 accounts anyway.. your best bet is to just create 5 druids and start herbing and mining in f.ex Nazjatar.

    Alternativly, just run around killing and skinning mobs for "questionable meat" and such.
    Sadly the "mother skinning knife" doesnt work on mobs with higer lvl: it was OP used in Legion.
    If you have 1 pretty geared alt, running around killing and skinning the wolfs near the big rare wolf in the lower west area of Valley of the four winds = If you do one "big lap / circle", they will respawn as you get back = nice income for you.

    Your mentality should be, imo: "new content / raids are out... ok, people need items like foodbuffs... flasks.... etc boe's are dropping... figure out mats for the new items...import items into tsm...or farm those... investigate the current/ new areas, figure out which area yields the most relevant mats /items needed= profit.

    I wish it was possible to tell you spesifically what to farm at all times, but its kinda hard and depends heavily on what your realm wants / needs. People usually want to keep their best "current earner" on the low key, while milking the profits while they can. The most used items like raid flasks, foodbuffs, enchants, mats to craft these etc are always in demand though, and can provide a sorta stable income over time.
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    thanks a million @WOWBOX40! Very detailed article.. I would buy Deep Sea Satin from AH and farm Tidespray Linen to make Deep Sea Bag for sale.. Since Tidespray drops easily.. But anyway, thats a very detailed article, and im definitely gonna give it a try..
    i'm not good at grinding for hours.. at most 1 hr for me and i'm sick of the same action already.. Since there's so much to spend on in wow, like the 5mil dino.... i'm just looking at ways to get some gold to spend
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