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    Default totally fresh 5 man, what to pick?

    I am relatively new at trying to do full dungeon teams for myself, been doing okay in classic, and dual boxed for a long time. What team do you guys recommend for doing 5 mans and farming? I was thinking 5 druids, but it seems like it might get boring. I thought about the 4 DKs and a pally and such. In classic I'm doing 4 mages and a priest now. Any suggestions?

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    I found that realy funny and solid is playing with a pally tank + 4 disc priests group. My priests firing with smite (single target) holy nova (aoe) and over cooldown casts "Power Word: Shield" on tank and themselves. Is most confident and solid group that i ever tried.

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    I have a 4 disc priest team and it's fine. It's my fifth team at level 120 and honestly I would strongly encourage someone to not roll them if they don't have other teams. It really doesn't scale like other dps classes and it really is a niche level of fun.

    It really depends on your goals. If you're trying to see how much M+ progression you can make before Shadowlands, I'd say a trinity of some sort would be your best bet. BM Hunters can pull like 98% of their sim dps in a 1 button macro, and they have a nice toolkit to fill in gaps like bloodlust, CC, interrupt, etc. Druids are another good choice although not my complete cup of tea. DKs are also viable although you might get frustrated trying to handle moving melee around.

    Welcome and good luck

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    I have 5 x 120 level druids.
    Good things: they can farm realy good with starfire and they could pass alot of dungeon packs in stealth
    Bad things: they have rather low dps than a high; they dont need pass packs coz u need %; they dont have so good save abilities as all other classes has

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    As others have stated, it really depends on your goals. If you're looking to push higher into M+, I'd certainly look into tank + BM x3 + healer comp. If you're looking to kinda mix it up, I had quite a bit of fun mixing my teams and running BRM + MW + Boom x3 where I would swap the Boomkins for BM as I required. I'll admit that I'm certainly no authority on the subject though as my highest multibox key has been a +6, even though I could have probably pushed higher, quaking last week really scared me. lol

    You mentioned the 4x DK + Pal and while it's interesting, I probably wouldn't recommend it, especially as your first team. The growing pains of an all melee group, especially an all tank [read: lower dps] team has all but put me off it, personally. Obviously as gear increases, as well as corruptions like Twilight Devastation, things will become easier but just be aware of this fact.

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