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    Default MMMMP team Dungeon leveling


    i was wondering what is the best dungeons for my Group.. I am Allaince currently lvl 16


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    Your levelling will look something like this:
    20-30: Stockades
    30-44: SM
    44-50: ZF
    50-54: ST
    54-58: BRD
    58+: Strath

    Now mind you, those level ranges are estimates, if you feel comfortable moving sooner, it can be done, just test the waters and see if you are ready for it. The best judge of moving to new content is getting the next rank of Arcane Explosion on your mages. You get it every 8 levels, starting at 14, so you'll be getting a new rank at the following levels: 14, 22, 30, 38, 46, 54.

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    Thank you need to grind till i am 20 and head to stockades... rdy for that.. Deadmines right now.. i am getting my BUTT handed to me.. what gear would be best to have to start dungoen grinding with

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    I would farm the hyper spawns in Westfall if you are 14+, until 20

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