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    Default Best (easiest) 5-man for a newbie?

    I just got isboxer and love it playing MMMMM. I do however already at lvl 15 find that one or two mages easily dies on me and so I think I will have to make a better 5-man team. My end goal is to do 5 man lvl 60 dungeons and wondering what's best for a beginner of multiboxing? MMMMPr, WMMMPr, DMMMPr or PMMMPr? Or maybe even a DbearMMMDheal team? I'm really looking for a safe and easy group rather than complicated/fast group composition. I've managed to make a Vuhdo click heal thingie following Mirai's guide but the macro stuff looks really complicated, preferably just smashing 1-5 buttons and healing with the mouse.

    Is there a group commonly known as the "best" or most popular due to ease of play? I have no doubt I later on will experiment with different set ups, but for now I'm looking for something that most probably work for me.

    And yes, English is NOT my native language as you might have guessed :-)

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    Full disclosure, I'm not playing classic - so someone else can chime in with a better answer, but your team is pretty close if you add a priest. This was dominant in the original vanilla and it looks to be dominant now. This is also the least complex of the bunch. Most likely lead from the Priest and have the Mages follow and do what they are already doing. You get group heals and there is no need for any special macros if your healing on the main window. You can use an addon for click healing to make it easier but nothing from isboxer configuration needs to be done, it would all be in game.
    If you add a tank, it becomes more complex but hypothetically more stable on boss fights.
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    Oh haven't even thought of leading with the priest, that's is ofc the way to go in a 4xdps1heal group. Thank you!
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    Easiest I’ve done so far is 4xBM hunter, 1shaman. Get two birds with screech and 2 cats. I’ve done all instances with this setup and it’s never a problem...
    basically setup with pet attack for 1st hunter to shift-1 with intimation cast, shift 2 to hunter two etc... then when your in instances they’re are very rarely more than 4 elites in any pull... attack each elite with one pet. And the screech will tag any additionals that happen past.

    the only time it gets risky is if you get waves of non elite spam mobs (the Scorpid pits in Uldaman, the adds after Herod in SM and the Skelton wave at the end of strat Baron. Only down side is constantly buying arrows and feeding pets, but you never wipe because your oom... because you simply don’t. Ever. And you never need to buy water.

    and if your dealing with a very dodgy part just spread out and put down 4 freezing traps... the. If you do rip agro it’s caught before it gets to you

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