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    Default Classic vs Retail - Same Setup on Mac?

    on the auto generated macros ect. i tried to set up a interact with target but my druids started trying to auto attack and running around like crazy folks instead of casting spells... so i just made a new profile and didnt set anything up whatsoever and its working fine currently. just wondering if there is a classic wow tutorial if it is different. Running 2 druids and a mage (already have a 60 druid gona 3 man stealth run)
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    My understanding is that there is no real difference. Although I am not a mac expert by any stretch.

    If you are targetting an enemy and hit IWT with Click to Move enabled, your druids will walk up to melee range. This how it works on both retail and classic. Some classes work a bit different with IWT but generally speaking if that class has a melee spec, they will walk up to the target. If not they will only walk in to casting range if they are further away.
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    oh sorry i was trying MACROS . I was watching some 2 hour long setup by miria , ill link it, he said i shouldnt use this for vanilla - so yeah, i dont use a mac sorry for confusion

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    Oh okey. Truth be told I initially read it as such and edited my message later on when I re-read the thread.

    My answer is more or less the same though. The macros ISBoxer creates for you are are the same in Classic and Retail, as they are mainly just basic /follow and /assist macros. The issue with your druids running around is how they function with IWT if you spam it. So the solution there is... to not spam it!

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    i think its because i set it in-game and in isoboxer so it was double clicking it maybe?

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    No. ISBoxer only sends the keypress to the game windows, not the command. So if you do not have it bound ingame, ISBoxer would just effectively be pressing a key that is not bound to anything.

    I'm guessing you've set up your team so that your DPS keys also send the IWT keypress. This is what some people use in order to keep their melee characters in melee range, but obviously causes issues if it ends up moving your caster characters as well.

    I'm currently at work but I'll try and remember to edit this with some things you could check in the evening.

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