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    Default Has anyone been banned using ISBoxer?

    Has anyone been banned using ISBoxer to herb/mine? I feel like its a dumb question, however after trying HKN I decided to try out ISBoxer and just wanted to make sure before risking 2 accounts. Thanks in advance!

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    No. No one has been banned for just multiboxing with either HKN or ISBoxer as that is not a bannable offense. There have been false positives for botting where some GM doesn't know what they're looking at and some people have receives bans for more or less unattended gameplay (Mirai had a good video on the subject:, but even a in those cases the bans have commonly been overturned.

    So: both are fine, just don't try to game the system.
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    I'm a little amused this is still a question after more than 10 years of ISBoxer in WoW
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    I think its because we "feel" like were getting away with somthing! ISboxer makes multiboxing so easy, people cant believe its not cheating lol
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