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    Default Who's multiboxing in Nesingwary?

    Saw a few mboxer.. Tot I'll ask and say hi..
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobodyz View Post
    Saw a few mboxer.. Tot I'll ask and say hi..
    I hang around near there on EU-Outland connected instance. Bit of a wPvP hub between Rebel Camp (North STV) and Gurubashi Arena.

    Horde: 2x Pally, 2x Monk, 6x DK
    Ally: 10x DH

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    I keep my Horde teams on Nessingwary. So if you saw some female Blood Elf Paladins or Demon Hunters around doing world quests, that was me!
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    cool! hi~
    saw some durids farming and frost mage..
    im mainly ally in nesingwary.. ding-ed 120 2 weeks ago and doing rep for bfa flying now.. getting bored lol..
    thinking of getting another team with my 110 boost.. still sitting in the account doing nothing..
    Nobodyz is perfect. I am Nobodyz.

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