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    Default Tracking Party Member Cooldowns?

    This is for Retail WoW.

    I'm not too well versed in addons, but I am hoping something like this exists. Say I am in a raid/party and I want to know if the Warrior tank has a "free" Revenge available to use, or say an Elemental Shaman can cast a "free" Lava Burst? Even if something just broadcasted in party chat that would help me keep track of what abilities can be used immediately.

    Is there something that will tell me this?


    I actually got it to work with WA2; very simple. If anyone has questions, please post here so we can share it with others.
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    and proc addon can do this like weakauras-2 or power aura classic can be setup to show this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    and proc addon can do this like weakauras-2 or power aura classic can be setup to show this
    Thanks for replying. I’ve never used WA before and it seems a bit overwhelming. Any tutorials you could link me to please?

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    These kind of addons require some effort sadly. Your best bet is to watch multiple youtube guides and take notes. Once you understand it its surprisingly easy. Untill then all the options are overwhelming. But its worth the effort, in the end, to learn. If i were you, id prioritize to learn weak auras 2.

    Its also a plus that its possible to import stuff others have created. Check for good guides online for the spesific class you need help on. Ex:

    Once you understand how to track your own spells, procs and number of procs available, you just change to track "nameofspesificplayer/slave" instead.

    Ex on shaman guides:


    I dont remember the names of any shaman discord channels, but that would be a good idea to join, even also a weak aura 2 discord.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post

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    Omnicd does this right out of the box. If you use grid for example it'll attach the icons to the grid. You can offset the X and Y location of the anchors to put them above the grid if you use horizontal for example or default if vertical. It will put the icons next to the appropriate player name and that based on your preferences for their class

    I use a horizontal layout so I click the expand upwards option. It's not really difficult to setup and it allows you to choose what cooldowns you want to track which I really like. When I was 5 boxing for M+ I liked having my stuns on there to know who had an available shadowfury or cap totem.

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