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    Cool Hotkeynet - Size and Position

    Hi Its my first Post here,I wanted to ask how can i change the size and Position of my WoW windows.
    I'm using Hotkeynet Program with 5 clients In Once Pc. If someone can Help me with this issue Its would be great

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    Software Tools part of the forum is the place to look and ask

    This may help
    Eonar - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    Software Tools part of the forum is the place to look and ask

    This may help

    I tried the link you sent, but it doesn't fit on my laptop screen, it shows me half the window on the laptop screen. I just want to learn how to change the position and size and how it exactly works, I'd love to advice

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    Generally you would launch each client with the desired resolution, either by utilizing separate config.Wtf files that store those settings or defining the resolution as arguments in your launch command.

    As far as moving and resizing, here are related documentationsfrom from Hotkeynet's website:

    You could also fairly easily Google around and find some example of other people's scripts that handle rearranging their windows. That way you could see how it's been put together abnd perhaps modify it to meet your needs.

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    Seems Like its didn't send my Reply so i'll type it again,After reading the links I realized how it works, it took me half an hour to do it but it was worth it, thanks a lot!

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