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    Default Question on using 2 computers

    here is my question:

    I want both computers running 12 accounts each, raiding with all 24 at the same time, but using only one keyboard and one mouse the same as if all 24 were on the same box. So box one with the keyboard and mouse would control all windows, all keyboard pressed and all movements.

    i hope that makes sense. Is that possible? I use inner space and isboxer. Guess I should ask their also.
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    The limitation is that you cannot display all games on the one computer's monitors.

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    I recently tested running 10 games, all on settings 1, exept a few settings increased slightly on game 1. 1080p. 60 fps main, 25 fps slaves. 6gb vram gpu: was at 88% vram used usage all the time during hectic raiding, peak 100%. It was visible that the system was hindered. So i would atleast get 8gb for a 10man. 12? 2080ti would be nice... but if i were you, get 1 used amd radeon vii, 16gb vram instead, per pc.

    The radeon vii used is just slightly more expensive than a new 8gb card = a no brainer imo, espesially if you plan to multibox 8+ games. Which is why im getting one myself + the "futureproof aspect" of it.
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