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    Default PC for 7 instance boxing (WoW)

    Hello. What do you think about this spec?

    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO
    Intel Core i9-9900KS
    Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO
    Will it be enough foк this CPU?
    ASRock Z390 Taichi
    SSD A-Data XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 1 tb
    WD Blue 2tb
    Crucial 32 GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Ballistix Sport LT 3 CL16-18-18
    , I can buy expensive 3200cl14. But Is it worth it?
    Corsair rmx 750w I can buy EVGA SuperNOVA 750w G3 but what's a point
    Aerocool Aero One Frost

    What should I change to run WoW smoothly? I just want 5-7 instance on low settings and one main on ultra settings (Full HD 1080p), but I only have 3000$
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    I would probably increase the Ram to 64 GB... everything else looks pretty good...

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    For reference i played solo on max settings. Flew thru all major areas and cities. Very pretty and dat old nostalgia dalaran music /tearsinmyeye.

    Vram used at max = 3 gb.
    Gpu utilization: 100% at times. Normal flying around = max 25%.
    RAM used at max: 6,4 gb.

    This was with assigned 4 cores (2 normal, 2 threaded).
    Feels buttersmooth all the time and the loading times from one big pop region to a another was around 4 secs, then instantly playable on the other end.

    Mind you this was without any addons. in full hd. dir-x12.

    And i switched to settings 1 ingame, same route:

    Gpu usage max 46%, normaly 10%.
    VRAM used: 2 gb all the time apparently.
    RAM used.. wot, still at 13% of 64 gb (6,4 gb). This was unexpecting.

    For you, you might need to go down to settings 7 and turn down a few settings.
    Try set 60 fps front and 25 back, and go from there. Your 9900 cpu should be great for 5 games though. 7 games.. if you are not picky on settings.

    Expensive RAM sticks with certain timing is not worth it imo. You do gain some fps, but at what cost.. thats up to you.
    Im running "nothing special" 3200 on this pc. Cpu speed was set to 3900hz

    And yes you want to get atleast 64 gb RAM.

    *if i went into hectic raids, the demands would go up a bit i suspect, just keep that in mind.

    dirx-11 legacy numbers:

    Settings 1:
    RAM used: 6 gb
    VRAM used: 1 gb
    GPU utilization: normal 10%, max 53%.

    Settings 10:
    Gpu usage max 70%, normaly 40%.
    VRAM used: 2 gb.
    RAM used.. at 6 gb again.

    So...... ideally you want, for your pc...:
    (assuming dir-x11 legacy)

    Main game: 2 gb vram. 6ish gb RAM.

    Slaves: 1 gb vram, 6ish gb RAM. x 6 = 6 gb vram... 36+ gb RAM.

    8++ gb vram.
    42++ gb RAM.

    Cpu cores.... ideally 14 cores (28 threads).
    But you will survive with 2 cores (+2 threaded) for main game, then let the slaves fight for the remaining resources.
    Just be preppered to do some tweaking if need be.

    Good luck

    I goofed up, i inkluded the ram used by the OS into the numbers..... so its not 6 gb RAM per game... its less But you still want 64 gb for 7 + the OS.
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