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    Default CPU Pinned at 100% when in Boralus

    Hi all,
    my system is an i7700k with 32gig of ram and an RTX 2080 video card. When I am in Boralus my FPS plummets and my cpu gets pinned to 100%. Is this normal? I am running 5 clients and the RTX 2080 is only at 60% utilization with the main at default 7 on the video settings and the slaves are at 3 with render scale set to .60
    Is it simply a cpu bottleneck? I Have ordered a 3900x which arrives next week, but I am wondering is there any optimization I can do in the meantime OR is there an issue somewhere.
    Thanks for any insight.

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    My suggestion would be to start all on settings 1 and go by trial and error, (increase your main game) till you have found satisfactory fps.

    Yes wow id primarly cpu bound, if its current utilization is 100% on everything, its bottlenecked. Tbh close to 85% = try to finetune cpu affinity / get a upgrade. More cores is king. Try get it to run at 4gz or higher. 2cores+2threads per game is what i recommend. For a main game at setting 7 to 10 = 4cores+4threads for the main game.

    Regarding your gpu, if memory vram usage is over 85% all the time (and it reaches 100% at peak), its time to consider getting a upgrade, as your fps suffer and you are missing out on potencial fps *gpu utilization at near 100%, peaked, though, while in hectic raid etc, is ok/normal.

    The 3900x you are getting should solve your issues. Assign 2cores+2threads per game. The first 2cores/2threads (0, 1 , 2 and 3) unassigned, for the OS. Alternativly you can experiment assigning those for the OS also to the main game aswell.
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