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Thread: DMMMP vs WMMMP

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    Default DMMMP vs WMMMP

    I see a lot of posts about running a WMMMP group but I already have a warrior so I was planning to run a DMMMP setup. Is there some reason that I'm not thinking of that I don't want to use a druid as my tank?

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    I don't know any reason why not playing a druid tank.
    The differences between warrior and druid tanks for 5 man instances will be minor I think.

    Warrior will take less damage, because of defense stance and shield block.
    Singel target threat, druid is stronger.
    Aoe threat both have problems, can't really tell how bad aoe threat is for druid.

    You can also consider to use your warrior in your team and boost your team with the warrior through instances.
    I did the same with my warrior and my WMMLS group.

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    Thanks for the reply, that aligns with what I was thinking. I think the druid will be a little easier for aoe threat just because swipe hits 3 targets instead of 2 for cleave. I also like that the druid provides me with a way to rez my priest if he dies somehow. Also good tip on just using the warrior when i get higher level. I also have a mage that I'll be able rotate in to get any combination of WDMMMMP once I get these guys up a bit.

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