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    I have mixed class groups and tend to spec and equip my toons for mana regen with talent and lots of spirit on gear. This to avoid too much downtime between pulls. However, in my group with a warlock, he seems to end most fights almost empty while the priest and mage can do a few pulls without drinking. He's SM/Ruin and mostly casts CoE, Corruption and Shadow Bolt, as advised in

    So I spend a lot of time lifetapping after each pull, then heal him, then the priest has to drink again. It's slowing everything down and kind of annoying and so I was wondering what other boxers are doing?

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    What I do for my warlock is that I use a castsequence macro so that my lock will spam a few shadowbolts, life tap, few shadowbolts and life tap again. How many SB's etc is something you just have to try out for yourself as it depends a lot on gear etc. And I also dont use CoE or corruption on trash, just bosses.
    Works really well for me atleast. All I have to do is throw a renew on the lock after the first life tap. Only time I have to stop is when my ele shaman goes oom.

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    I also use a castsequence macro with shadowbolts and life tap.

    If I have to move or reposition my group out of combat I also use life tap.

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    Create a two step keymap for your shadowbolt that triggers on key up or down. Put shadowbolt macro on step 1, life tap on step 2.

    It will cast shadowbolt until you don't have enough mana, then lifetap. Same works for hellfire, except you have to make sure to add a [nochanneling] condition to the macro so you don't lifetap and interrupt the channel.
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    I have a 2 warrior / 2 paladin / 1 warlock team (lvl 52 right now) and I basically mash 1 button for dps. This 1 button dps macro includes warlock shadowbolt. What I did is set up a click bar so that when I click it (or press the assigned hotkey for it), the warlock's shadowbolt gets removed from the dps rotation, allowing me to do whatever I like with the warlock (life tap, drain life, dot, whatever) while still mashing the same DPS key for my other toons.

    The way I set this up is by creating a separate mapped key that's the exact same as my DPS key, but without shadowbolt added in. This special mapped key starts turned off and only gets turned on when I call for it with the aforementioned clickbar. It probably helps that I typically control from my warlock but it's not required.

    Here is a video of it in use:
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    Thanks for your suggestions guys. Given me some good ideas to try

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