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    Default Keyclone still working? Yes - same as always

    Howdy all,

    I don't think I've been on these forums for at least a decade. Glad to see they're still here, although it does seem like the community is more sparse than I remember. But now that the WoW classic has been out for a while and I have a few weeks until the next raid comes out, I figured I'd get back into multi-boxing.

    I was initially really bummed to see that Keyclone was reported as broken and inactive. But digging some more, that's not true - I think the author just doesn't frequent these forums much any more. His discord server isn't exactly hopping, but he still posts regularly, and provides support from there. Here's the link to his "contact us page" The latest keyclone release 1.9n just came out in December 2019 and is updated for classic.

    My plan is to get set back up again while I document the process along the way. Hopefully I can turn that into a current/useful setup guide & tutorial for new players. I think step 1 is going to be finding all the old (now removed?) guides from years ago to see how much of that can be repurposed.
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    Yup - everything is working great. All the 1.9m (beta) and 1.9n patches did was to add a quick piece to the setup wizard where you can tell Keyclone if you're MB'ing retail or classic - so it knows to look for wowclassic.exe or wow.exe. Other than that, Keyclone is almost exactly identical to the utility it was 10 years ago, which is great.

    Tiny (the creator of Keyclone, along with a bunch of WoW addons) is still providing regular support for his product. He gives multiple ways to contact him at the link in my original post. The best is probably on his discord ( I had 2 questions myself as I was getting set back up - both were answered in less than 5 minutes.

    I'll see if I have some time shortly to do new screen shots of the setup process, but really all the 10+ year old instructions are still fine. The only real change is that now we're all on Windows 10 instead of Windows XP/Vista/7. But if you watch some 10 year old youtube video for keyclone setup, it's still valid.

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    Hey old timer.
    Thanks for the info.
    Hardware Lurker

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    Just a quick note that current version is up to 1.9o as of 2/1/2020. Tiny made a small change to allow WoW Classic framerates to be updated within the Keyclone UI (previously you had to manually edit the keyclone.ini file)

    The core functionality, look and feel hasn't really changed since 1.9i.

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    Website down atm, so can't use the program

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    It came back up a few hours later

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