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    Default LF similar functionality of Wine Virtual Desktop [NWN]

    Hello fellow multiboxers,

    I've been playing Neverwinter Nights for almost two decades now, mainly online.
    Last few years I've been trying to multibox and create various assistive software mainly through Autohotkey.

    Problem is Neverwinter Nights is extremely stubborn and DOES NOT accept keystrokes when its window is inactive.
    It ONLY does so in 2 situations: Linux environment or some kind of virtual desktop.

    In Linux the performance of multiple clients is lower than in Win7 but also checking health doesn't really work as I have to access memory of each client to extract character's HP and it's behind a pointer. While memscan is possible in Linux, scanning pointers is extremely difficult and advanced. So after some time I've abandoned Linux.

    In Win7 (or XP/10) performance is better and pointer scanning is no issue with AHK. However, no tool I've tried (and I've tried many) was succesful in sending keystrokes to inactive window. The only possibility I know of is Virtual Machine as I'm sending keystrokes not to the game itself but to the VM which translates these commands to the game inside it. However, performance goes down the drain with multiple clients. Similar functionality has Wine in Linux with it's Virtual Desktop setting, essentially creating a low cost desktop where it runs the game and I as well send keystrokes to the Virtual Desktop, not the game.

    So my question to you all is:
    Is there some kind of low-performance cost solution of a virtual emulator/desktop/environment that I can send instructions to which translates them to the game?

    Thanks and happy multiclicking.

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    Have you tried whether ISBoxer would do the trick? There is an option that seems it would be refering to this kind of issue:

    Perhaps get the free trial and see if it would work?
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    I did, but the game just crashes before even starting with

    Crash: 0x00000000: Exception 0xc0000005 reading from address 0x00000000

    as it's probably not meant to be ISBoxered. I wasn't able to get it running even after tinkering with configs.

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