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    Quote Originally Posted by margulda View Post
    You will be signaled afk before the opposite raid comes at you.
    that would be hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gh0ztEye View Post
    And how exactly are you moving as a group now without follow?
    There are 2 ways, click to move with mouse broadcast, or map your movement keys and just switch between alts to adjust. It's more intensive but not impossible
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    I think the best way to multibox AV is to put all your toons in a different battleground. Using click to move you can fairly easily move your toons to various graveyards, towers, and bunkers and park them there to guard.

    This is not AFK, you are actually playing, but there is seldom fighting on every toon every minute, you just switch to the toon where the fighting is. Its actually very fun, like playing solo but with less boring down time.

    Nobody will even know you're boxing.
    That's what i do but it's boring af. I'll stop after R8 reached.

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    I've done a couple of characters as a group and in separate AV instances (Horde).

    It isn't really any fun at all. Since we have 1 hour queues and games last 30min, I just stagger joining the BGs with a couple of characters. it is slower, but I only PVP on 3 chars (warrior /mage/priest).

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    I didn't try it, but instead of 5boxing, i guess we could easily dualbox.
    I have a G600 mouse, so i could bind all direction on the keys of my mouse and use them effectivly under my right thumb, and i use standard ZQSD (azerty keyboard) for the main char. With only two char, doesn't seems like a big challenge to move them independently.

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