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    Default Stuttering/Freezing When Zoning

    Hey, this have started to happen since the last small update patch the other day in WoW.

    Most games freeze a bit, fps locked at 4-6, then eventually all games start to work as normal. Can take up to 2 min easily before all games are working as normal. Just a few days ago it loaded "instantly" without issues, even during peak times.

    This happens across all my pcs + ive tried without no addons: no difference.
    Havent done any changes to the pcs either.

    When the "zone" has loaded, it works flawlessly, but it does stop/stutter again when i enter certain areas, i think this could have something to do with "phasing".

    Ive also noticed if im flying around without issues in a zone, if i take a npc flightpath, when the characters land at their destination, it also stops/long pause/stutter.

    Blizzard goofed up?

    Anyone else have similar issues?

    Tried with 1 character only = loaded in instantly, without any issues... with and without addons
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    All Graphics settings have been resat - tjek DirectX too
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    Sadly this wasnt the case.

    When i play on 1 computer alone, running around and switching zones, they need around 3-5 secs, then they are ready to move like normal again.

    All 5man and 10 man pcs work flawlessly on their own.
    Its only when all of them are going to load in / switch zones at the very same time, that it takes 1-2 mins to fully load all up, ready to move.

    This is very strange.

    Wonder if it can have something to do with the internet connection, as some toons can slightly "lag" behind while on follow.

    I did a internet speedtest and its normal. Router has a fan on it and isnt too warm. Latest firmware.

    /thinks hard
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    I did a internet speedtest and its normal.
    Meh, speedtests are ridiculously useless as most ISPs whitelist them for PR purposes. Prime example is where you can't make Netflix stream properly in 4k due to bandwidth issues but HOLY SHIT speed test is 200Mbps! /wrists

    Have you played with the nagle algorithm option in the wow clients? I think it's called optimize latency or something like that.
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    I only have consistent issues when logging in. Usually within the first minute 2/5 will disconnect and i'll have to reload them and then everything is fine.

    Probably not related at all but this happened. i literally had 2 of 5 phase out and freeze last night during a quest that has intentional progressive phasing.

    Hard to explain but 2 of my characters froze and had an out of body experience. I clicked on a quest node and the bodies of 2 of my guys stayed there like clones and when i ran off to the next node I still had all 5 characters with me. The 2 that produced clones (still looting that original node) couldnt loot the next node. When i switched to their windod, my Strobe follow caused my team to try and stobe follow the clone of the character i switched to. So i figured maybe they werent clones and the 2 moving with me were clones. Weird. I reloaded and no change. When i went to relog, my two with clones couldnt get in and got an error message saying "Character already exists". I went to bed after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleflavor View Post
    I only have consistent issues when logging in. Usually within the first minute 2/5 will disconnect and i'll have to reload them and then everything is fine.
    I only run 3 atm but 2 of the 3 always get disconnected - even if I log them in one at a time. This may happen more than once then settles.

    After some quests I get a weird phasing bug and need to relog because on one character they are all following but on the rest they aren't even there.

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    I also sometimes get that bug, where i land somewhere and i start moving, then i notice 1 isnt following. When i look closer, it is following, but the "clone", thats just sitting there where we landed after having taken the npc flightpath. Have to manually relog that spesific character, then then clone of "me, the main", goes away.

    My main issue though is the insane loading in periode, from zone to zone and also when logging into the game itself.
    Still havent found a real fix. Working on it.
    Will try reset entire router, let it cool off for 1 hour, then if need be, experiment with the other internet options ingame.

    Im quite certain this has something to do with the latest wow patch though (last week). As all the games/pc worked flawlessly back before then.

    It doesnt matter if its from one veeery low pop area to another, or from a high pop area to a veeeery low pop area, same laaaag, im pretty sure at this stage it has to do with phasing, as it can also happen when i move around in a zone and i reach a area which is "phased" = excact same laaag time.

    Also.. the second when a quest "event" is completed = massive laaaag again. Excact same.

    Even tried with no addons.

    Ohwell, time will tell....
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    YES the phasing and losing 1-2 party member to it - is very bad in 8.3.

    There are a lot talk on the wow forums about Memory leak and 1-5 sek. freezing
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    After much testing, my only conclusion is that there is something wrong with the shards and phasing in the game?. The freezing spikes, from 5 secs to 2 mins happens during logging in, transitions to new zones (but also within a zone), taking portals between locations, also with mageportals, in and out of raids, the moment you turn in a quest / finishing events and more. It doesnt matter if i move from a busy area to a very low pop area etc, the same looong gameplay freezing happens. Sometimes, a “clone of a character emerges” and i have to relog that character, that sees the clone.

    All games run on settings 1 ingame, directx-11 legacy. Tried the others aswell, but no luck. I made sure after the patch to revert all settings back to the lowest possible. I dont use any raid / bg spesifik gfx settings (disabled).

    5 man = almost no lag (mostly those 5 sec freezes).

    10 man = almost no lag (mostly those 5 sec freezes).

    The main problem:
    More than 10 (to 20) characters at the same location / doing/going to the same spot / in and out if a area where a invasion takes place = looong games freezes, very rarely 5 sec freezes here.

    Doesnt make any difference, no addons or with all addons. All pcs are operating at normal temps etc, no bottlenecks, drivers up to date, making sure the grafixcards are selected as primary option. Else there is nothing out of the ordinary. Different pcs, all freeze etc at the exact same time. Game related?

    Anyone else have similar experiences with 10+ characters / raidgroups?

    when this freezing starts, i cant open any other programs or do anything else, which is not wow related. The freezing is halting the entire pc(s) for the duration. Ive been running hwmonitor on all pcs and checked, but the values arent out of the ordinary, during these “freezes”, which can last up to 2 mins at a time.
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    i almost gave up...... tried everything.....

    Then, as i randomly abandoned a quest using the EMA addon on all toons with one click... i got that same crazy long "2 min freeze"... i was like.. hey, what if i disabled the ema questtracker on all toons.... and YES..............the stutters instantly went away.... been flying around everywhere.... taking portals.... loaded into raids... zones..... 3-4 secs and all are instantly in the new area ready to rock and roll. /tear down chin. I was "this" close to just cancel my subs and wait till next exp.. im in bizz again

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